Dominions to come

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Dominions to come

16 October 2015

heartpath deviantart comon_the_path_to_the_truth_by_chryssalis-d32afov Courtesy


Eyes will see not

Only Heart sees shimmering

Trails of the Glory


dragon reachingforsoul wordpress com dragonfire-woman2 (2) Courtesy


Surround me in Light

Dragon Heart beats to music

That sings in the Souls


ghost raptureintheairnow (2) Courtesy


Doorways will flutter

In between the Heartbeats that drip

Traces in Circles


water adashofsunny com Courtesy


Surround me Waters

That I may flow into Space

That abounds in Time


Dragon deviantart com (2) Courtesy


Bring into my Hands

The waves that open Doorways

Whispering Access


godswarriorSpiritual Warrior 2 (2) Courtesy


Dipped in Loveโ€™s Honey

No bounty so beautiful

Dominions to come


heavens-gate1 Courtesy


Will you grasp the Sight?

The lands open to whispers

Familiar Faces


heartpath zengarden com Courtesy

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