5 Ways to Recognize the Right Path

Are you wandering through life, endlessly searching for shelter and direction? Searching for a reason for your wandering, imagining a destination but deciding on none. Lost utterly and completely. But you we keep wandering.

In a massive woods, through the trees emerges a great network of paths. Crafted from gravel, bricks, or dirt. Paths leading in different directions, through valleys, and gardens, up mountains and down steep hills. But which path do you take?

The truth is there is no one true path, we all have to walk each one in our lives, we must experience joys and hardships. Walking alone or together. But every now and then, when standing still for a moment and observing your own life you might just say to yourself. “I am on the right path.”

Essentially a path is a plan, a goal, a destination, a point in life or the journey you take to arrive…

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