Today we are reminded to stay strong and be a loving warrior of light. Archangel Ariel is by your side helping you to act upon your convictions as we stand up for our beliefs, we’re a role model for others. Have the courage to be yourself today – don’t let others dim your light!
“In this situation you need to act upon your convictions, even if others disagree. I’m protecting you from harm, and guiding you to be a loving warrior of light. As you stand up for your beliefs, you’re a role model for others. This is an important form of spiritual teaching, in which your example give others courage to also stand up for their own principles.
Ariel otherwise known as the Lion of God, counsels your fears and helps build the qualities of bravery, courage and focus with elegance. She will help boost your confidence and being involved with divine magic and miracles, help with manifestations, for she is the Master Manifestor. She aids teachers, healers and service workers, protects the environment and heals animals. She is indeed, the Patron Angel of Animals.

Always with Light & Love My Angels!

2 thoughts on “COURAGE

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Archangel Ariel is exactly who I need right now. Your encouragement is most appreciated and reminds me to stay the course 🙂 xo


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