Where Is The Quiestest Place On Earth?

Do you know where the quietest place on earth is?  I do…  🙂  And,  “According to environmental sound and recording engineer Gordon Hempton, a self-described “Soundtracker” who travels the world searching for silence, that distinction belongs to the crater of the Haleakala volcano on the Hawaiian island of Maui.”

“This poetic documentary looks at the majestic mountain through the eyes of Hawaiian cultural practitioners, artists, scientists, authors, musicians, cowboys and spiritual leaders, many of whom live on Haleakala’s slopes. Cultural specialist Clifford Nae‘ole and visionary musical artist Keola Beamer will introduce Haleakala’s preeminent place in Hawaiian mythology as well as in the day-to-day lives of Hawaiians through history … right up to the present, where its silence offers an alternative to the frenzy of modern life.”

Here, check it out and read the rest and see for yourself…



A very interesting story – and I quote, “the film also acknowledges universal threads running through all cultures, showing that the quietest place on earth actually exists inside each of us, wherever we are, if we can only find our way to it.”  Brilliantly said.

Always with Light and Love my Angels!


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