I Am… Still Here…

Archangel Michael Reminders

Keep the Faith & Trust your Inner Guidance 😊

Always with Light & Love Angels!!


My Angels…

I wanted to share these special set of cards I drew Thursday evening as they resonated with me and I was called to share them with you.

The below comes from the Archangel Michael Oracle card deck of Doreen Virtue.

Always with Light and SO much Love!


No Negativity

THREE ways to clear energy quickly, and to restore your awareness of your true spiritual identity of health, happiness, and balance, which God created you as:

  1. Shield yourself. Like taking an umbrella into a rainstorm, shielding yourself doesn’t mean that you’re afraid of the energy. It means that you have practical common sense to take care of yourself. Even when you find yourself in the midst of a harsh energy situation, it’s never too late to shield yourself. Ask God to put a protective bubble of light around you; or envision Archangel Michael handing you his shield; or imagine that there is a filter around you that only allows loving energy to go to you and from you. There are countless ways to shield yourself, and it’s the intention that counts.
  2. Praying to clear your energy. When you wake up, and before falling asleep, spend a few minutes praying for God and Holy Spirit to clear any negativity from your body and mind. This is a super-powerful way to start and end your day with a clean slate, and you can feel the debris of unwanted energy leaving you.
  3. Fill yourself up with the awareness of divine light. The irony is that when you least feel like taking good care of yourself, is when you most need to. Fortunately, there are measures you can take without having to expend a lot of energy: for example, listening to a positive meditation can help to lift you up; stepping outside if the weather permits; praying for help or reading a positive book; or calling a good friend or a counselor for support.

My Angels, always try and keep your energy clean and clear of any and/or ALL negativity.  You will feel so much better and happier.  Try to get those bad vibes away from you.  The sooner, the better.

Always with Light and Love my ANGELS!




My Angels, good day to you all!  I hope this message finds you all well.  Happy November, the Presidential race is almost over (thank goodness), and before you know it we will be in 2017.  This year is going by so fast that I can hardly believe it.  So much has happened, is happening, and things are changing fast in my life (for the better I believe).  Sometimes we go through rough patches and things happen to us that make no sense and you can’t believe they happened or are happening to you, but I do believe there is strength gained and an outcome of Light and Love!  Stay focused on your Inner Strength, Inner Guidance, pay attention to your Inner Light, and Inner Messages you are receiving from your Angels and Guides.  Keep the Faith! Trust your instincts and Listen with Both Ears and let your Angels guide you to your new beginning.

Always with Light & Love!



Angel Card Reading for Thursday – “Compassion”

Zadkiel can help you forgive yourself and others, or to compassionately see everyone else’s point of view.  You need not change your stance or behavior.  It means approaching each situation with a loving heart, which empowers you and allows creative solutions to come forth.

Archangel Zadkiel’s name means “Righteousness of God” and he helps us release unforgiveness toward ourselves and others.

Always with Light & Love my Angels!



Archangel Gabriel Card Reading for Monday:

“Stay True To Yourself”

This card is a message for you to trust and follow your inner guidance. Don’t second-guess yourself or veer off course to please other people. You know, deep down, what to do. Partner with God’s guidance. Trust and follow the path you’re shown, one step at a time.

If you ever find yourself feeling stuck or if your business stalls, you can be sure it’s because you’ve compromised your original ideas. This stems from listening to fears and trying to satisfy everyone or fit in with others. Fears will never lead you where you want to go. Fortunately, it’s never too late to get back on track by staying true to yourself. This experience will help strengthen your assertiveness. Call upon God and Archangel Gabriel for help in being honest with others.

Amen!  Always with Light & Love my Angels!

Where Is The Quiestest Place On Earth?

Do you know where the quietest place on earth is?  I do…  🙂  And,  “According to environmental sound and recording engineer Gordon Hempton, a self-described “Soundtracker” who travels the world searching for silence, that distinction belongs to the crater of the Haleakala volcano on the Hawaiian island of Maui.”

“This poetic documentary looks at the majestic mountain through the eyes of Hawaiian cultural practitioners, artists, scientists, authors, musicians, cowboys and spiritual leaders, many of whom live on Haleakala’s slopes. Cultural specialist Clifford Nae‘ole and visionary musical artist Keola Beamer will introduce Haleakala’s preeminent place in Hawaiian mythology as well as in the day-to-day lives of Hawaiians through history … right up to the present, where its silence offers an alternative to the frenzy of modern life.”

Here, check it out and read the rest and see for yourself…



A very interesting story – and I quote, “the film also acknowledges universal threads running through all cultures, showing that the quietest place on earth actually exists inside each of us, wherever we are, if we can only find our way to it.”  Brilliantly said.

Always with Light and Love my Angels!




Archangel Oracle Card for 11-15-15 Relationship Harmony

Archangel Raguel is close to us helping with conflicts, he will help you focus on the loving parts of the situation, and find the best outcome for all involved. Keep in mind the things we are grateful for in our lives and know there is a peaceful solution for any conflicts we may be facing.

“We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now.”

Additional Message:
“Your prayers for personal peace have been answered, and you are to be commended for your role in ushering peace into this situation.Visualize everyone involved (including yourself) being cooperative and open-minded, even if particular persons aren’t usually this way.” Trust the inner guidance you receive, and know that changes are sometimes uncomfortable but often necessary. Ask me to help with any aspects of relationships that need healing. Know that all relationships ultimately have blessings, growth lessons, and love at their core, even if appearances seem otherwise. Stay focused upon this truth as much as possible.”

Working with Raguel:
Raguel’s name means “Friend of God,” and his principle role is to create harmony and order in relationships.He has the power to resolves disputes and is often referred to as “The Archangel of Justice and Fairness.”If you find yourself in a dispute, ask Raguel to act as mediator.He’ll come up with a creative resolution in which everyone wins.

Raguel has beautiful pale blue energy, like the sky on a perfect spring morning.