My First Video, A Bit Rough, But I Thought I’d Try it.  8}

Always with Light & Love My angels!

20 thoughts on “THINKING OF MY ANGELS ~

  1. So great to see you and even great to hear you….the energy in your voice is simply beautiful..and powerful…congrats ….you leaped into a new arena. …the sounds in your world in those moments were lovely …and the rhythm of your voice flowed with those sounds …may your blessings be many..Namaste’


    • Oh goodness, you are so kind. I truly appreciate that. That was, of course, my first attempt. I was nervous and as you could tell I was really focused on what I was saying or trying to say. Thank you again my Angel, you made my day and it a little easier to read the responses. xox

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  2. Well I am glad I got to see the real you. You did not have to tell me that you workout. It also seems like you are the type who actually strength trains for strength and obviously you rep out as well. I am behind for me and you have been off a good while and I am going through a seriously bad time and I am just doing what I can. I am writing a bit more lately but i am off for the last 2 months. But I hear you.


      • Thank you my friend. I am re doing tests I have done before and my issues go back to HS and I was largely in top athletic shape and sometimes would throw in a clunker. HR monitoring I did not do until college and I founf out how high mine goes. When in shape way back I would have a resting hr of 40 ish and would go to 120-150 and come back down in 30 minutes to 60. Now it is 100, 150 easy riding, 180 light short, real short intervals and go over 200 without feeling bad most of the time.


      • I need all that I can get. A stress filled 2 weeks and hardly eating I gained weight and oddly enough worse as I have been for months and I barely made any changes. But I am up against it.

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      • My day did not feel good, I got a lot done but did not accomplish what I wanted w cleaning, looking for lost, rather stolen things from my room. But I foolishly pushed myself to do something that made me feel awful, but it paid off:)

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  3. Hello My Dear Cousin,
    Thank you for the fine video! It is so good to see it and know you are looking so great. I am sending my best vibes your way and hoping each day is better than before. Take good care of yourself.
    Love from your Houston cousin, Vicki


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