Fighting the Demon of Self-Doubt

Kobo Writing Life

By Eve Langlais

When Kobo approached me for an article I jumped on it because how cool is that, to be asked to write something to share with my peers? Then . . . my demon (ugly little sucker with sharp claws) began to nag. Browsing their blog I noticed all these fabulous articles on how to increase sales, write better stories, all kinds of wonderful tips. What could I share that people would find worthwhile?  Am I really an expert in anything? Doubt gnawed at me, its demonic sharp teeth chewing at my self confidence.


Because here’s the thing, despite having written for a while, I still deal with doubt. Every. Single. Book.

So why do I write? The thing is I start out each story feeling wonderful. The words are flowing and I’m getting to know the characters (who are usually pretty cool). The story is unfolding and I’m…

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