Good day my Lovelies!  How the heck is everybody?  I hope this message finds everyone well and ready for the upcoming holidays as they seem to be coming up quickly.  My Angels, I wanted to share with you the story of an Angel who went out of his way to escape the everyday mundane lifestyle grind and go “Into the Wild.”  The first is a movie about Chris McCandless and his journey Into the Wild:

The second is where Chris’ sisters go on to tell their families story as to how they believe Chris came to have the need to escape your typical life styles and his parents and go outside of himself to find himself, to find peace, to find clarity, and find his own answers.  This is Return to the Wild:

If you have not seen the first, nor the last, I would recommend them as they are very eye opening and makes one realize how much we need to get away once in a while from the everyday grind of cars, work, and our usual lifestyles.  Get out and experience life outside and enjoy yourself.  Breathe and live life before it’s taken away too soon.

Chris McCandless is in fact an Angel now looking down upon his brothers and sisters knowing he figured himself out and fought all his demons and won. Chris is enveloped in Light and Love as are you all.  Your Angels are always with you and want to you get out of your everyday lifestyles and live!  Enjoy life, have fun, run in the rain and shine, and laugh as often as you can.

You are never alone Angels!

Always with Light and Love!!