Home Chocolate Making for Beginners

The Dancing Herbalist

It never seemed realistic to make chocolate at home. A chocolate tart, sure, but chocolate made from cacao beans? Impossible. Yet every couple of months, that’s exactly what I do. I even capture this experience on my website, in all of it’s it’s disastrous yet delicious glory. As one of your guest bloggers for this month I hope you will enjoy these fun chocolate excursions. -Max Gandy

For me to make chocolate at home in South Korea, starting with 2kg of un-roasted cacao beans, takes about a month. Over the course of that month, in my free time–when I’m not teaching English, rock climbing, or finding the nearest dance floor–I inspect, sort, roast, break, winnow, and grind those beans into a paste. These brown almond-shaped seeds were grown in football-shaped pods, harvested from large tropical trees grown around the equator, and then collected, fermented and dried before being shipped…

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