What Makes Chocolate Good for You

The Dancing Herbalist

Is chocolate actually healthy? The buzz around chocolate these days is around flavonoids and trace minerals, some of the molecules that make cacao a so-called “super food.” But do you know what those things are, and more importantly, why they matter?

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5 Reasons to Eat More Quality Chocolate

Chocolate is good for us because it makes us happy on a basic, chemical level. Studies have proven this time & time again, and no, a Cadbury bar that’s 50% sugar doesn’t count. But a positive brain response is not the only reason to grab a quality chocolate bar for your post-meal bliss.

  1. Small amounts of quality chocolate fight the aging process.
  2. The fat in cacao is good for you, in moderation.
  3. When chosen discerningly, chocolate raises people out of poverty.
  4. Cacao trees help to maintain biodiversity on plantations.
  5. Sustainable chocolate teaches you about other cultures.

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Chocolate on a Chemical Level

Understanding chocolate…

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