Destination: Nuremberg, Germany


The Finicky Cynic

When people first think of Nuremberg, perhaps images of the infamous Nazi capital and the Nuremberg Trials come to mind. If anything, the city has had a long and tumultuous history under the Third Reich, which is a shame, because it has clouded an otherwise beauty, worthwhile place to visit in the Bavaria region of Germany. I spent four nights there, and I wished that I could’ve stayed longer.

From Heidelberg, I took a Flixbus to Nuremberg– normally, the journey is supposed to last three hours but, due to the snowy conditions that day (which greatly surprised me– first time that I’d seen so much snow!), our arrival was an hour late. However, I wasn’t too concerned, just because I wouldn’t be meeting my Couchsurfing host until that night around 20:00, so I still had plenty of time to check out the city’s Christmas markets, one of the most famous…

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