Good afternoon my Lovely Angels!!  And, Happy Wednesday!

Have you ever worked at a job where you would just love to move on and do something else, but you enjoy some of the people where you are, you feel you haven’t quite made a big difference yet (when you truly have already), and/or you have been there for so long that the idea of a change and leaving the familiarity of this place and the contacts you’ve made is a bit stressful to even ponder.  When someone thinks of something they need or need to have done they always know that you can do it and will.  They depend on you and know your reputation to be the one to go to.  That in and of itself is priceless.  That right there shows that you have, in fact, made a difference.  But, you have not been treated properly for a long time now, have not been supported in your efforts to grow, and you come home everyday irritable/upset/depressed and just not as happy as you used to be when going to do this job.  Sometimes, there are just signs that tell you deep down “it is time to move on” as Change is Required.

My Angels, life is too short not to be “happy.”  No matter what that happiness is for each and every one of us, we must all find our happiness daily.  And, if you are working at a particular place that does not in some way, shape, or form give you some sort of happiness or fulfillment then please listen to your inner voice and the signs that are giving you the guidance you require – the guidance you need.

My Angels, I say all this to tell you to please have “FAITH!”  Have Faith in the future, in your Angelic Inner Guidance, in yourself, Faith in this Life.  My Angels, you are always looked after and loved tremendously.  Believe in this, believe in you, believe in Faith, believe in your loved ones who are cheering you on and know you can do anything you set your mind to.

Now, Go and Spread Your Wings and Fly My Angels!  Fly so High and Never Look in that Rear-view Mirror except to wink and say “I Did It!”

Always with Light & Love!