Attitude is Everything

Good Vibe Council

The way in which you show up to life is so important. We all encounter hurdles, we all go through our own share of suffering, we all get a few bumps and bruises along this winding path. What we don’t all do though is show up with the intention to push forward and thrive regardless of life’s hurdles. What I am talking about here is attitude. Attitude is so important for a variety of reasons but let’s start with the fundamentals. We all have the choice whether to show up with an internal mindset of self-encouragement and self-motivation, or on the flip side drowning in a pity-party of self-defeat. Now, I can tell you I have lived and breathed through both and I can tell you which attitude and mindset produced better results for me.

2017 was a defining year for me and it was one of the biggest eye…

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