Happiness Starts With YOU!

Good Vibe Council

In life, we often look for happiness everywhere else except within ourselves. Facebook, Netflix, online, in food, alcohol, drugs, the weather, other people, and everything else in between. What most of never really do is look inside and find happiness in who we are, what we are about, where we going, what we are achieving, and how we are showing up to life, day in day out. The external factors are good, but true happiness starts and ends with who you are as a person and gaining an understanding of yourself.

For many, and I have been hear myself, there is so much emphasis on finding happiness in everything external to us. Expectation is placed on situations and there is a heavy reliance on external circumstance for us to gain a level of contentment. The sad thing is, when things don’t go to plan, someone lets you down, or an expectation…

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