Colombage's Corner

In the eyes of a man
I make him seem weak
In the eyes of a woman
I make her seem ordinary
Not my fault…
Since birth he is taught
that boys don’t cry
she is taught
that girls are fragile
In the stark light of sun
I make everyone seem
ridiculous & pathetic
In the gloominess of night
everyone is free to shed me
silently and hidden
Not my fault…

You are taught since birth
that sharing me with someone means
baring your weakness to the world

Not my fault,
That you have to wonder
How emotionless the world has become
Not my fault
that you don’t understand
the cleansing power of me
or the healing power of me
or how humane I make you
Not my fault
that you don’t know
the power of tears

© Vindhya Colombage

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