Angels of Nature

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Susana Cabaço

Angels of Nature

I felt inspired to write this post after a dream where the message “Angels of Nature” literally appeared to me (because I am highly clairvoyant, messages often reach out to me in the written form). Both angels and Nature mean so much to me. I feel they are both part of my life mission here on Earth. And that’s why, I decided to devote some writing to both, together.

So, who are the angels of nature? (and here I really mean angels, not fairies or elementals). The angels of Nature are the guardians of the natural world, overseeing all Nature kingdoms, as well as Nature spirits and elementals that care for Nature, such as fairies, gnomes, sylphs, ondines, etc. Helping Nature kingdoms to evolve is also part of their role.

Even thought Archangel Ariel is probably the most well known angel in what concerns to Nature, there are other angels…

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