The angel’s light gallery

Susana Cabaço

There I was seated in a gallery of light with my guardian angels looking at a kind of a map, which I perceived as the map of my life. Watching over us, there were the 4 main archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, all empowering and supporting me at this phase of my life. I’ve been feeling impelled towards change. Not just change, but THE CHANGE, i.e. a major life event that feels like being born again.

Somehow they were like correcting my lifetime trajectories, so I can live what I’ve came here for. Timelines seemed to confluence under their blessings and powerful divine energy pushing me towards my greatness and my divine assignment. Again and again, for days/weeks, I journeyed (still do) to this gallery of light and angelic gathering.

Some of these angelic experiences were dominated by Archangel Michael (with whom I have a strong bond)…

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