Disgrace in U.S.A.

I’m always so light and positive, but yesterday’s events need to discussed…

What a disgrace and disgusting act of treason on our Congress Building. This is our building – not just one persons to destroy. The individuals who attacked our Congress Building are not Americans as a true American would not act like this and deface their home. It’s a shame and those who committed Treason on the Congress Building should be brought to justice and punished for their crime in our ( yours and mine) Congress Building. Period. I can’t believe these people who came from all over the USA just to destroy our home are still walking around. Let’s find them and bring them to justice.

Should anyone know anyone who was there and did this it is our responsibility as Americans to stand up for our Country and turn over those responsible. Our Country might not be perfect, but it’s ours, our Homeland, our Life, and we need to clean it up starting al over again – this year. Let’s make a difference and turn this crazy upside down USA back to what it once was… a place of respect. It’s going to take time, but if we all stick together hand in hand we can do it.

If I know – I will stand up and say something. It’s just not right and totally uncalled for. They disgraced us ALL as a Nation and should be punished justly.

Thank you for listening to such an event of shame and disgrace.

I pray we can all – together – turn the USA back around for the better.

Always with Love to You Angels.