Scenic Hills HOA Newhall a/k/a Santa Clarita, CA – UPDATE

UPDATE: So, the Office Manager admitted to there being a security issue at Scenic Hills, Newhall a/k/a Santa Clarita, California to a friend and that it was a very good possibility that our remotes were, in fact, stolen out of the box. She still never reviewed that days footage. That being said, since they do not have the remotes (even though she believes they were stolen and believes us) we still cannot get our deposit back. What a disgusting way to run a business and treat people. She told that to a friend and never to me, Not once!–

Just beware anyone dealing with Scenic Hills and its HOA.

Scenic Hills, Newhall, CA or Santa Clarita, CA

So, I am going to vent here so please beware:

I do not like to talk Ill or be negative in any respect, but…. Can I please give a (-5) review? I have had the most awful experience with the Scenic Hills HOA (“SH HOA”)there in Santa Clarita, CA. As of this point in time, we have sold our house and moved, returned our gate keys as required (placed them in their designated box), and moved on awaiting our deposit for those gate keys returned. I have been told by the “new” Office Manager of SH HOA that they never received them and therefore refuse to refund our deposit. I asked them to review the entire days surveillance video and it will show us dropping them off to them in their required box. I have always been courteous and the Office Manager, RUDE. I advised her/them that if they did not get them then they have a security issue because we did, in fact, return them. They refuse to check out the entire days video as proof and refuse to give us back our deposit. I have gone back and forth with them for weeks now only to be disgusted with her and their practices at SH HOA. I keep calling and emailing and only now they look to have blocked my email address and do not return my calls. This is pretty pathetic and a most disgusting way to run the SH HOA.

In short – beware of Scenic Hills, Santa Clarita, Ca and it’s HOA.