Being a woman can be difficult and trying at times, especially when you are told you have Breast Cancer (hereinafter referred to as “B.C.”).    So many thoughts run through your mind at one time.  I have a very special lady who is very close to me who has been going through what I went through.  Though we all have different experiences, in the end, it’s the same.  When I was told I have B.C. and then given my options of what to do, I only had one answer, a double mastectomy.  There was no other choice in the matter for me.  And like me, this special lady made the same choice.  She just had her surgery a couple weeks ago and with her going through this, I can still remember mine like it was yesterday.

It’s a difficult but brave decision to make.  For me, I felt that if I have cancer in one then it is very likely I will get in the other down the road so to prevent this from happening again, I would rather go thru the pain this one time and not have to again later.  So, a double mastectomy it is – I don’t need these breasts anyway, they are just in the way! I say all this to tell you this, we all have our obstacles in life, but it is how you choose handle them, to see them, and/or let them handle or reflect upon you and your inner and outer being.

I understand it can be very trying at times to see the silver lining and be positive about life and want to give up, but in the end, why be negative and down when you can enjoy the sound of the birds, the sound of the ocean, the laughter of children/family, or the feel of the sun and breeze upon your face.  Fight dammit!  Fight and keep fighting!  I know it can be hard, but that is what we as survivors are here for, we are here for each other and for others in order to teach them and remind them that life is a gift.  So, have that faith and have that love and zest for life, LIVE.  Why you ask?   Why not!  Why give up and give in to Cancer and let Cancer win.  You fight, you enjoy your life and show yourself and Cancer that you will not go quietly into the night!  You will not vanish without a fight!  You will survive!  Today and every day you celebrate yourself, your life, your choice!

Choose Life Choose to Survive