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What a documentary and a must watch. What an amazing soul, Marc Andre LeClerc.

You can watch this on Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime or at a theatre.

Always with Light & Love Angels!

I Call Upon My ArchAngels… MY LEO… 💜

Always with Light & Love Angels. 💜

Someone Gets Me ☺️

A beautiful gift from my honey – so beautiful – Archangel Michael.


Good day Angels!

I was wondering as I came across this amazing creature if any of you have ever heard of the Cyrtopleura Costata?  Well, if you have not heard of it – here is a bit of information on this Angelic creature…

“Cyrtopleura Costata is a bivalve mollusc in the family Pholadidae. It is found in shallow parts of the northwest Atlantic, living in the seabed, where it burrows through sand and mud to a depth of up to 3 feet (0.91 m)

Cyrtopleura costata has a pair of brittle, asymmetric white valves and can grow to about 7 inches (180 mm) in length. The anterior end is elongated and has a rounded point which is used for digging through the substrate. The posterior end is truncated and rounded and near the beak has an apophysis, a wing-like flange, which helps provide an attachment for the foot muscles. On the anterior side of the beak, the margin is smooth and bent slightly upwards. The whole valve has finely sculptured radial ribs which intercept with a series of concentric growth rings parallel with the margin. In the living animal, the valves are covered by the periostracum, a thin grey protective layer of protein which is part of the shell. This layer has usually been stripped away by sand and surf by the time that the empty shells are washed up on the beach, and the valves are usually found singly, because the muscles that hold them together are weak. Internally, the live mollusc has a powerful muscular foot and a pair of long, fused siphons. These siphons are unable to retract back into the shell and as a result, the two valves permanently gape apart.

Angel Clams

Cyrtopleura costata lives beneath the surface of the sea bed. It is able to bore through sand, mud, wood, clay and even soft rock using a twisting motion of its pointed, anterior end assisted by jets of water ejected from the mantle cavity. It is a filter feeder. The siphons extend to the surface of the substrate and water is drawn in through one and expelled through the other with microalgae and zooplankton being filtered out as the water passes through the gills. Respiration takes place at the same time. Cilia then waft the food particles to the mouth.

Spawning usually takes place in summer. Gametes are passed out of the exhalent siphon and fertilisation takes place externally. After hatching, eggs develop into veliger larvae which are planktonic. After 16 to 21 days these undergo metamorphosis into a pediveliger stage and settle out onto a soft substrate such as sand. There they become juveniles and start burrowing.”

Is this not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?  There are always sign near and far and always around us.  Be open, have no doubt, have no fears, stay positive, and be around only positive individuals as negativity only bring us and our energy down.

Stay Blessed Angels and know you are always Loved!

Always with Light and Love!



A brand new week, a bright new day

“A brand new week, a bright new day,
may your Angels guide you every step of the way,
bring you love and happiness, keep your life calm,
and most of all protect you from harm.”

Angel friend

I have a friend that’s an angel
But, this is what I find
She’s lots of fun and silly
Quite an unusual kind

She makes me laugh
When I feel sad
And helps me get over it
When I get mad

Serious, when she must be
But, lighthearted lots of the time
Her halo is a little crooked
That’s OK, so is mine

Yes, I think you really are an angel
Angels are perfect, you see
And no matter what, from day to day
You’re always a prefect friend to me!!

I Just Love You To Pieces
My Sweet Angel Friend!!

and most of all protect you from harm.”

Angel Wings

Those angel wings around me,
Take all my worries away.
If i close my eyes and imagine.
She is with me everyday,

The feeling of warmth and comfort,
Not afraid anymore,
For she is there to help me,
Mend the heart that others tore.

I see beyond the horizon,
A pot of shining gold,
And in this pot i gently put,
The worries and fears that i hold,

I know she will look after them,
And keep them safe for me,
Then i will no longer carry them,
For she is here to set them free.

With this she will carry me,
Into my future for i will see,
That no-one else can hurt me,
And this is down to me,

For i now have strength and courage,
Im not running anymore,
This will help to light the path,
For whatever lies in Store.

This poem was written/submitted by Heather Snedden.


Just a few Angelic poems for you to enjoy and take to heart Angels!

Sending you lots of Light & Love!!


Happy weekend Angels!

May you all keep the Faith and continue to see and feel the Angelic Light and Love that surrounds you ALL.

Always with Light and Love!


Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo, but never really (1) wanted the pain involved and (2) we not sure about having something permanent on your body.  Well, in order to see if I would really even like it I decided to try this…

Here is a little about Conscious Ink:


Can a temporary tattoo leave a lasting impression on our disposition? Solidify our intentions and affirmations? Make a permanent mark on the world? Crazy as it may seem to some, Conscious Ink founder Frank Gjata, offers an enthusiastic yes! Conscious Ink is on a mission is to spread love and raise consciousness around the world, one body at a time!

Of course, these are no ordinary tats. And we’re no ordinary temporary tattoo company. In fact, we’re not a temporary tattoo company at all. We’re a consciousness company that utilizes temporary tattoos, hats, and everything we can get our hands on, to support people on their path!

Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoos consist of a dream list of positive words, inspiring quotes, healing affirmations and empowering invitations. Even at the most basic level, these messages can have a profound effect on us by simply reminding us of our intentions as we go about our day. Not to mention how they may impact those fortunate enough to get a glimpse of your provocative ink and its message. Perhaps, gifting them with the exact sign they need in that exact moment! Pretty cool.

Of course, the influence of these positive messages can extend much deeper. Read about the latest research on the mind/body connection here. (See videos on Dr. Emoto’s research on how even water molecules are impacted by our thoughts, words, and feelings.)

Now let’s consider aesthetics for a minute. Plain and simple, these are beautiful tattoos that look like the real thing. We don’t think there’s anything superficial about beauty. Each Conscious Ink Manifestation Tattoo has been thoughtfully designed specifically to convey the essence of the word, quote or affirmation.

Aside from never having to worry about getting your Conscious Ink tattoo painfully removed, another benefit of the temporary aspect is that you can change them out as often as your mood, or as you shift from one intention to another. Nor will you get immune from the power of the messages like you might if they were permanent. Our tattoos are safe, non-toxic, and exceed safety standards for the US/FDA, Canada and the EU. Made in the USA. They contain no animal products. No testing on animals.

So join us! Let’s raise our consciousness, so we can uplift the world!”

As for me, I purchased a few different ones, but am trying out the below to see how it looks …



I have it on my wrist and so far I like it.  8)  It reminds me of ALL my Angels that surround me and look after me.  It reminds me to keep the Faith, stay Positive, and always “look up” because you never know what you’ll see.

Check out the site or their blog at

Happy Inking Angels!

Always with Light and Love!




I belive this says it all about all of us my Angels!  8)   Never doubt that you are an Angel both with your inner beauty and outer beauty that you share with others. Always with Light & Love each my Angels.




My Angels on the beautiful evening – as you rest and drift off into sweet dreams, remember to surrender and your inner self will be at peace. Be at peace with yourself, with life, and with the ever Love and Light of your Angels.

Always with Light & Love my Angels. Always.


Three back to Back workouts today. A TacFit class and two Bootcamp classes. I do love to workout!!!



Happy weekend my Angels!!! Have fun, stay safe, and drink lots of water in the heat no matter where you are.

Always with Light & Love!! ❤❤❤



Always with Light & Love my Angels, Always!




Sending you ALL out some Angel Blessings so that you know and continue to be aware that you are loved, cherished, thought of dearly, and always wished lots of Light, Faith, and Guidance from your Angels that surround you!

Angel Blessings Wings




This is from last year, but I thought I’d share. I hope you all have a great and safe Halloween weekend. And, don’t forget about the time change tomorrow.


Am I a Fallen Angel or a Good Angel… I couldn’t decide that night either. 😊

Always with light and love my Angels.  Continue reading “HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY ANGELS”



Although you may not see them
you are always in their sight.
They bring the gift of love and guidance
it is called the Angel Light.

You know they always hear you
to them your voice is so dear.
With the comfort they bring
you need not to fear.

So here’s a place for you to come
and to do with angels what must be done.
To make our whole world and bright and
share with us the Angel Light.

~ Alexis Alexis






The planning phase of your endeavor is now over. Congratulations! You’ve done excellent work sorting out what you are trying to accomplish and what you need in order to be a success. Now it’s time to get busy! No more contemplating the perfect strategy. If there’s a detail that seems to be missing from your plans, it will reveal itself as you move forward. So fix your eyes on the horizon and get going!

Creative endeavors are especially favored right now. This can include the desire to have children or taking up a new project that you consider to be your “baby.” Whenever possible, try to add an artistic flair to each step along the way. Infuse your tasks, great and small, with joy and the knowledge that nothing can hold you back!

Our Empress stands in a chapel courtyard, symbolic of the Source of inspiration. The infant wearing a hat inside the snow-pea shell demonstrates to the Empress the importance of creating something new. This may be the birth of a child or the beginning of an exciting new endeavor!

Additional meanings of this card: Hard work that pays off. Inventiveness. Successful endeavors. A love of luxurious things. Getting a lot done. Nurtur- ing others or yourself. Mother figures. Pregnancy and birth.


Well played my lovely Angels!  You are all awesome and I am cheering you all on from here!  Many hugs to you all and always with LIFE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY, STRENGTH, BEING THE WARRIOR WITHIN, GUIDANCE, and LOVE!