My Angels – – Happy Hump Day to ALL!

I read an article today that really made so much sense and is always a great reminder.  Especially for myself who is currently in a new time and place right now, in a new State, starting a new job, releasing so much from the past and forgiving others (for me) within me so that I can be free and move forward – Change and Let Go.  I have done SO much of this already within the past few years and feel it is now closed and released.

What do you think…?

“Change and let go.

Whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and feeling the first stirrings towards autumn…

Or in the Southern Hemisphere observing the first signs of the Earth waking up and moving into Spring…

We’re now experiencing one of those magical points of the year where Nature is seasonally rebalancing!

Pay attention and tune into Gaia’s wisdom of effortlessly moving through change to bring that same energy of re-balancing, ease and willingness to flow through change into your own experience.

Breathe in the new levels of light and open your heart to receive the inspiration, activations and downloads available to you in the moment.

Remember that you are deeply guided and supported…

It’s just about tuning into that level of awareness!

Trust in the process, let go of any attachments as to what has been, and surrender!

Surrendering isn’t about giving up… It’s about releasing the outcome to the Divine and allowing the highest possibilities to unfold as you trust and are guided by joy, love and Spirit.”


This message comes from an Angel with whom I so admire!

Please remember Angels that I am always here should you need anything and always your number one supporter!

Always with Light & Love!



I saw this post this weekend via email through and had to share.  The below is a great way in which to process the need of impulse buying and maintain a minimalist lifestyle.  Having too much stresses me out so the idea below of a 30/30 Rule sounds pretty awesome.  With this I trust in the Guidance of my Angels.  We do not always need the fancy nick knacks, fancy gadgets, the pretty jewelry, etc… At the end of the day, it’s just stuff that you cannot take with you.  But life and adventures stay with you forever and provide you with more peace and fulfillment than any physical item can.

“To stave off impulse, I created a rule that helps me avoid unnecessary purchases.

If something I want costs more than $30, I ask myself whether I can get by without it for the next 30 hours. Hence, “the 30/30 Rule.” (If it’s $100 or more, I tend to wait 30 days.)

This extra time helps me assess whether or not this new thing will add value to my life. Often, after deliberating, I recognize my life will be better without the new widget, so I forgo the purchase.

If I do acquire the new item, though, I feel better about the acquisition because I brought it into my life with intention, not in the impulse of the moment.”

Thank you to the Minimalist’s for sharing this post.  It will be a huge help to others and myself.

Have an amazing week Angels!


My Angels, I pray this message finds you all well and getting ready to enjoy our Independence Day.  As with everything, we give the utmost thanks to all the men and women who serve our Country and always continue to Fight for ALL of our Freedoms.  To them we bow our heads, pray for them, and give thanks.  They are all Loved more than they know and by so so many.


Always stand tall Angels, hold that head high, always be proud of who you are as there is only one of you, and always – always appreciate everything this life has to offer.  Appreciate and have respect from every little thing (even the tad poles) to every big thing (even the elephants).  Life is short Angels and should be appreciated and loved for all it has to offer.

Please be safe and enjoy your family and friends.

Happy 242nd Independence America and to us all.

God Bless us, every one!


Always with Light and Love to you ALL from me!



Happy Friday Angels!!  I received this message this morning and I immediately thought about all of you.  In life and at times we all need a little help and guidance on our paths whatever they might be and who better to confide in, have Faith in, and talk to than our Angels.  I understand that things happen that do not make sense, but rest assured your Angels are there to listen and help you through all times of trials and triumph.  Trust in them, trust in yourself, trust in this life as we only have one.

Tune Up Your Angels

Everything in spacetime has an angle. Every relationship is a relationship of the angles of time within the moments of space. A relation of beauty and joy has the sense of plenty of time and wide angles within each moment — where the relation of discomfort and sadness has too little time; narrow angles, and the moments are disappearing . . . there’s zero momentum. Any discomfort is a belief . . . the belief there’s not enough time, wide enough angles, and sufficient momentum. The level of beauty you experience is equal to the degree of acceptance of the angles and momentum within the moment. Time’s moments are just angles of spatial momentum . . . being equal to the angles is known as being in time. And being in time has little to do with being on time.

Being on time is a judgment . . . it’s two-dimensional. Being in time is multidimensional and has no judgment whatsoever. The best of times are the angles in space that show that there’s a pathway to the destination, even if the destination is unseen or unknown . . . then there’s time for everything. Even when the vision is blocked, the path is sensed through the angles . . . there’s no real reason, but there’s a knowing. You cannot control the angles in space, but you can guide your angles inside the outside angles and find harmony in their angular collection. Whenever you’re able to achieve this there’s freedom; you feel you’re being guided . . . the traditional reaction to this guidance was to attribute it to the angles. This was the origin of the word angels . . . they were the guidance within the angles.

Our prayer is that you are good with your moments even when your angles are out of tune; that you learn how to tune up your angles and expect help from your angels . . . they are always there . . . the various angles of perception are always available. Beauty is in the sensations of the beholder. 

Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude…Sat Nam,

Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur

Always with Light & Love Angels!!

Prayer for Abundance in Life from


Thank you “Totally Inspired Mind” for sharing this awesome post via Divine Goddess Coaching!!  I had to share myself… 8)

c013f495-b642-4a23-822e-eaa8b403e0dc Always with Light & Love!


Good Morning Angels!  I read this today and thought I had to share this with you all.  This message and reminder comes from the one and only..

There is always support and assistance available to you. 

If you want angelic assitance in your life… 

Ask for help to invite it in! 

Then return to love. 

For it is love that creates the pathways for new levels of light to appear.

Love brings you into harmony with the guidance, gifts and Divine possibilities in store.

Love and be open… 

For when you ask for assistance from angels you will receive it. 

But may be in a way that is much different than you expect. 

❁ ૐ ❁ 

Hear more of this message from the angels here: 

A Reminder From The Angels >> 

With love and blessings, 


Thank you Melanie of for sharing such a special message.    

Always with Light & Love Angels!!



A little Angelic note from our dear Guru Singh… Always with Light & Love ANGELS!!

Sat Nam Dear Ones-

‘Angel winds’ — the loft beneath your life when moments threaten to become heavier. Seemingly out of nowhere, there’s a lift that’s completely visceral . . . emotionally and physically. This arrives within complete surrender — the grace to embrace faith. The faith where the cosmos appears as intelligent, intuitive and constantly ready . . . it always has your back. This wind at your back, places lift under your life, to ride the wave of time at its sweetest point. You’re completely without a footprint of unnecessary effort — the movement of your life is already in motion. One of the gateways to this faith is forgiveness . . . the giving forward — forward-giving — of dead moments from the past into living moments of now. You’re able to capture the complete force of momentum . . . the complete force of nature which births each particle of now. Life becomes effortless — you experience breath as being breathed for you — connections as already connected. Enter the ‘infinite stranger’, the doer of all things — a servant of your mastery, available inside your surrender. This is the irony; the dichotomy; the puzzle . . . “the way of the way” professed in the Tao. This “way of the way”  — where effort is effortless; aging a concept without application, and words flow from your intentions with ease.

Our prayer is that you take advantage of this advantage no matter what your life is about; that you realize the Cosmos has your back and you’ve got this; that you’re willing to surrender to these forces far greater than your efforts, and experience the compassionate embrace buried inside everything around you . . . the ‘angel winds’. 

Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude…Sat Nam,
Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur



Happy Good Friday Angels and a very Happy Easter Weekend to all my Angels!!

Always with Light, Love, and Angelic Guidance.

Cheers Angels!

ANGEL SOULS ~ Do You Know Who You Are Becoming?

This was in my email box today and I just had to share this with all My Angels!  Angel Souls is a great Enlightenment of Faith, Positivity, Light, and Love.  Michelle is an Angel herself and I just love her and her Angel Souls!  Please read… consider… think… and delve into your true and own potential.

Always with Light & Love Angels!!


One of the things I hear the most is that many are feeling that they are shifting, changing, and that they cannot see the road ahead. I understand this completely. I’ve been there.
We are witnessing an invitation to spiritual evolution, and it is one many have accepted–no matter the unknown and sometimes difficult journey we then have to take. So as a bit more of our light ignites and shines, another step is lit up. We continue on in this manner, only knowing how to go forward when we are upon the next choice. This can leave many of us appreciative for this rediscovered personal light, but still noticing the dark around us. Some may fear this, as anything could lurk there. Yet others may feel helpless that their ‘small’ light does so little. The dark seems too vast.
Remember that the light is not wholly on you to create. Every being has the capability of shining this light, expanding it until it meets the light of another. The light then compounds, reveals, and helps in deeper understanding. That’s all well and good…but how do we get there?
First, you stop. Stop right now. Stop letting a program of self deprecation, low self worth, holding back your talents, taking derogatory opinions as fact, desperation, validation need, eat-or-be-eaten mindset–take you away from the truth.
Second, remember. Remember who you really are. This won’t look like an ego pursuit of “being above it all.” This, perhaps, will look like stunned silence followed by a gentle smile.
Third, work. Inner work. Meditation and breath work can reconnect all lines of power within you, giving you clarity, broadening the scope of that light so that you not only see one step ahead, but the expanse of beauty that has been there all along. You’ll appreciate the beauty of where you are, because you might be there for a bit. Spiritual growth is no race. It’s a gradual walk where you continuously get to know yourself all over again.
Fourth, reinvent. In this new perspective, you can make new choices. You can create. You can love, and you can learn.
Of all Archangels, Archangel Chamuel can help you on this path of self love, alignment and fulfilling your own potential. From here, you’re steady enough to flow into the next chapter of this journey you were so convinced was a great idea at one time.
Again, I feel you. I’ve been there.
Check out this course on Archangel Chamuel to get your story going! See all other course offerings at
I thank you all for continued love and support.
Cheers to the light,
Michelle Patterson
Angel Souls
For Personal Readings:




My Angels, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  I wanted to tell  you that (1) you are ALL LOVED SO MUCH and always watched over and (2) that YOU should always LOVE YOURSELF first!  You are your own Valentine each and every day!  So, you do have to have someone else in your life to make you feel loved as that love should come from within first for yourself and then and only then will you be open to receive love from another.  Others will see your Light and your Love and will not be able to help but want to be near you. So, wake up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and say I Love you – you are beautiful or handsome, you are a gift, you are a Light and you are special!  Start your days off this way and you will feel so much better about yourself and that day in general.


And, in case you were wondering who the Angel of Love is:

Archangel Chamuel, who guides us to find whatever we’re seeking, including romance and partnership. Archangel Raphael, who helps our hearts heal from the past and stay open to present and future love. Archangel Raguel, who instills harmony within relationships, ensuring peaceful interactions and communication

My Angels ~ I say all of this just so that you know that I Love You ALL and wish you ALL the very best, Always!  I always wish much Light and Love for you and am always here.

Have a great day Angels and an even better week.