Cancer – Breast Cancer – Me…?

Your test results came back positive, you have Breast Cancer. These are the words that make your heart sink and your life flash before your eyes. And, the words I heard back in 2009 at 39 years of age. I had only been married two (2) years when I found this out and one of the things that I first thought of (other than my life flashing before my eyes) was how is Rob, my husband going to respond? I had dated someone once who told me he be broke up with an ex at one point because she got sick and he was not the person to be with another who was seriously ill. So, I had to call Rob and tell him my doctor told me I had Breast Cancer with that in my mind. At the time I was going to call him and tell him I had already made up my mind I was strong and can do this myself if he left me because I got sick. I was determined not to be bothered by him leaving (if he was going to) because I had enough to take care of now. At the end of that day, he stayed – literally by my bedside and at times would sit behind me in bed while I rested up against him so I could sleep.

Look ma – no hair!

I say all this to tell you that yes, I did my mammograms at that time (medically necessary for me at an early age) but it did not matter. My Breast Cancer was only found because my OBGYN thought I should get it done early. When I went for the mammogram there were lots of spaghetti/stringy images inside that gave off no lump or sign – only this image gave it away. Thank goodness for my OBGYN because had she not talked me into getting a mammogram done early my stage would have been a lot worse. At this point in time, it was determined to be a Stage 2 Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – not good news. It was very serious and on the move so something had to be done immediately. I went on to start within a couple of weeks to have many surgeries (including a double mastectomy) and chemotherapy. You heard me – chemotherapy. And what’s the one thing we think of when you hear “chemotherapy” = hair loss. When I started my chemotherapy Rob and I shaved my head – he shaved his too. I made the choice to take my long curly dark hair myself. I was not going to give Cancer the joy of taking my hair – I was going to take it on my own terms. I am now 10 years out and couldn’t be happier.

Back in 2009-2010, the research for Breast Cancer was slow going especially when you think of how far we’ve come. In today’s time, 2021, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at and states as to the below in regards to origins, genetics, and lifestyle:

“We have discovered that breast cancer is not one but many diseases.

It was BCRF researchers who found that breast cancer is, in fact, several diseases, each of which develops, progresses and responds to therapies differently. Our scientists are now learning that the major subtypes—Luminal A, Luminal B, HERand 2-positive and triple-negative—can be further classified into sub-categories with distinct patterns of progression and response to therapies, opening the door to more individualized treatment plans.

We are uncovering the role genetics plays in breast cancer.

BCRF has supported key players in advancing our understanding of the inheritable risk of breast cancer, from discoveries about BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations to the creation of the world’s most comprehensive database of breast cancer genes. This new wealth of knowledge allows scientists to identify other gene mutations that may influence a person’s risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. Our researchers have also made critical headway in understanding ancestry’s relationship to breast cancer by determining certain populations who are at greater risk and discovering novel inherited causes.

We’ve deepened our understanding of how lifestyle influences breast cancer risk.

Our researchers have demonstrated that certain lifestyle choices can influence incidence and recurrence. Thanks to their work, we have begun to understand how diet and exercise are linked to breast cancer risk and survival, how inflammation from obesity may trigger breast cancer development, and how a low-fat diet and weight loss can reduce the risk of recurrence. These important advances are helping people take command of their lives in ways that minimize their chances of getting not just breast cancer but other diseases as well.”

The article is a great read and is comforting to know how far we have come as it pertains to Breast Cancer. I recommend reading it to get a better understanding of how far we’ve come and the influences that can be linked to Breast Cancer. Back in 2009-2010, Rob had done his own research as far as the effects of diet and exercise and Breast Cancer because the doctors were of no help or assistance in that area. He was fantastic in his care of me and our new eating habits. We still to this day follow a regimen of eating healthy and exercising daily.

In closing, go get that check-up and check yourself for any abnormalities. Both women and men are susceptible to Breast Cancer so have your husband, father, brother, etc. check themselves as you never know.

Life is too short not to take all this seriously.


Stay safe and healthy Angels.




I went back to work for the first full day of work and felt good.


Rob (ran) and I (walked) the Susan G. Komen 5k Race for the Cure at UCF. The race started at 7:45 a.m. Rob & I rode there with our doctor, Dr. Jason Boardman (surgeon), his staff and other cancer patients on a Coach Bus #5501. We had a really good time with a ceremony afterwards.


Back to work this week.  Can’t wait to see the gang!


Back to see Dr. Bosshardt today. Second expansion went very well. I felt the saline expand the expanders this time. Have to wait for the next until 11/12 as Dr. Bosshardt is on vacation.


The time went by just fine. Going back and forth to work, doing things around the house, etc. Everything was fine except for the fact that the week of the 29th my scalp started to ache and my hair started to fall out, a lot. So, as I have stated to others before, I took matters into my own hands.


As I was getting ready for work and was doing my hair, I noticed more of my was falling out. So, I prayed that it would just last until that night when I could get home and Rob could cut it off for me. The time has come!  When I got home from work, Rob & I went to dinner (Crispers) and afterward we came home where he brought out the new clippers we bought and began to cut my hair. He first used a #4 all over my head except for right down the middle where we tried to give me a Mohawk, but my hair was so thick and curly that it wanted to fall over. LOL! We took a picture anyway. After that, Rob began to continue with my hair cut by using a #1 on my head, which made my hair even shorter. We took another picture and that is when I decided to go even shorter as I did not want to have to see my hair fall out. We used just the flat clipper on my head which made it as short as you can go before you shave it. All went well and I never cried or got upset. I had been ready for this
for quite a long time and had come to terms with the fact that I was going to lose my hair, but as long as I had a say in it, it was going to be on my terms, not the terms of the cancer!


Missed Halloween with the family. Apparently Britt changed her mind and did not want to dress up this year. Rob & I went to dinner and came home, no trick or treaters here this year or for any year as far as that goes. No kids on this street.

11-­1 to 11­-5

The week went by just fine. Went to work, bought birthday cards for Britt and Randy, things around the house, picked up prescriptions for my chemo on Friday and such. A steady week waiting for Friday to get here. I am so ready to get these chemotherapy sessions going in order to get them over and restart my life.


Finally, second chemo session is here. I worked a half a day and then Rob & I went for our 1:00 p.m. appointment. Had a quick meeting with Dr. Kunta and then we had our injection of meds. Not so bad, I took a couple of naps in there somewhere. We started at 1:00 and ended at 5:30. It was a long day, but now I have 2 sessions left. YEAH!!! Britts 11th b­irthday today also! I called and sang the Happy B­irthday song to her.  My nieces and nephews are awesome!  I love their birthdays!
11­-7 to 11­-8

I am feeling ok so far (usually do the first two days). Today the 7th is another beautiful day and am ok so far. Church tomorrow. Checked the mail today, our invoice from South Lake Hospital was in there with a total of over $60,000.00. Our portion was $331.00. Thank goodness for insurance. Goodness gracious.


Ok so I did not make church yesterday as I was not feeling well and slept in. Monday was ok in the morning, but it hit me earlier that same day. The nausea, diarrhea, stomach aches, very weak, body aches, teeth aches, just all in all the ugh feeling. The flu feeling as they say. Rob & I went to Dr. Kunta’s office for my shot, and my blood pressure was 88/58. A little LOW. Yes, I know I need to drink more water. I try, I really do. I am trying to drink anything to keep the fluids in me. I do not know why it is difficult for me. And no, I do not want to go to the hospital for fluids or Dr. Kunta’s office for that matter. I did remember to call my big brother, Randy, for his b­day today.  I can hardly believe it – just glad I’m here to see it.  Rob has been taking great care of me and I could not ask for anyone or anything more than him being here.


Out of work today as well. Not well, but getting better. Every day gets a little better. Went for a walk today, but I get weak and tired more often at this time.  Inside all day, but we went out to Crispers for salads and fruit. Spending time with Rob is always a great time. I did find however, when we went to the Sweet Bay Supermarket after that people tend to stare at you when you have no hair. I am sure they are not trying to be rude, just wondering so I think (as Rob suggested) that I get a shirt made that says “I HAD Cancer” so the wondering is left out. It says it plain as day and they can stop staring. Oh well. Who really cares! It is just one of many things that I have noticed since all of this has taken place.


Had another expansion today. Dr. Bosshardt put in 120 cc’s, which puts me at 300 cc’s. Not sure how much longer I will go in to be expanded. I am not going to be too big, just comfortable.

I would never in a million years have reconstructive surgery on any part of my body, but when faced with Cancer – I guess some things change.  I would have never done it had it not been for my illness.  It’s just not me.

11-­13 to 11-­14

Very nice days. Beautiful weather. Shopping around for a stainless Rice Steamer. Boy are they hard to find. Rob & I went into JC Penny and saw a woman walking out with her daughter who could not stop staring at me, and Rob. I find that very rude. As I mentioned it to Rob, he made a statement that I should just stop and say something like “Yes, I have Cancer and this is what my head looks like without hair.”  I feel deep down that I might just do that if it happens again as I feel this is very rude and it is happening way too often. Lord grant me the proper tongue to use when addressing this situation.


Church at 9:30 at Real Life. Pastor Justin is such a great Pastor. He makes the sermons interesting and funny. I enjoy his sermons and his antics he uses to get us all involved and stay interested. I found at the end being drawn to the baptisms. I have been told that I was baptized as a baby, but I do not remember. I have been through so much lately and know that God and others are with me always, but there is something about being baptized, again. I feel that in order to help others in any way, shape or form and myself, I need this.  I know that God is with me, my Angels are beside me, and that I am loved beyond measure.  This I never doubted and trust.  I know – just know, there is no question about it.  I can’t explain it, it just is.


Another session with Dr. Bosshardt for another expansion process. Went out to see Larry, Leah, & Cody, Skip & Barbara, John & Arlene as well as Terry & Glen (w/ daughter) to Lake Buena Vista. It had been years since I had seen them. Randy, Cheryl, Heather & Brittany were there as well as mom & dad.  It was so nice to have everyone under one roof again.  It’s been so long and so many years have passed.  We all grew up together in South Florida.  Oh the memories!!

Here are a few pics I wanted to share…

Randy & I   Randy & I

Gang  The Gang!!

Me  Ah, no hair and a smile!