Do you see this view…


This is the view we live for, we fight for, we love.  Of course, same goes for family and friends, but at the end of the day, this is peace!  This is mindfulness and happiness!  I know at times it’s hard to stay positive in the light of life troubles, a diagnosis whether it be for yourself, for family or for a friend, but being and staying positive is imperative.  Why not be positive…


I am not saying I’m perfect and positive 24/7, but I do my utmost to be positive 100% of the time.  I’m not hiding from the world, I just choose to see the brighter things in life and all life’s little nuances.  Why speak negative about all things, even the little things and let negativity creep in when you can put a different spin on life and speak only positive about situations even though they might upset you.  Just (as the penguins say) smile and wave boys, smile and wave!  Choose the flip side and speak positive about life.

Like the Eagle, show no fear, but only great strength!!  Fly above it all!  May your heart soar like an Eagle!


Have an amazing day!!