Transition from a Job to Your Passion

How to Transition from a Job to Your Mission, Passion and Purpose






Happy Friday Angels!

I came across an Instagram account “Healthfor20s” that has so many great ideas for eating healthy and are so quick and easy to prepare that I just had to share.  You should go check out her Instagram and/or YouTube accounts and see what I mean. @Healthfor20s

The above are just a couple of examples of amazing meals.

Happy Friday Angels!

Always with Light & Love!


Letting Go… sometimes it’s easier said than done.  But, in this life you find that in order to be free, move on, and have peace, you have to let go.  It might not happen all at once and might take a little time and practice in which to do so, but let it be and keep letting go.  Eventually you find you might have to “Let Go” of friends that no longer bring you joy, but heart break or stress, you might have to let go of family member(s) that have too much negativity around them that just wears you down, you might have to let go of old memories or feelings for people, places, or things that no longer do you any good, but only cause you to be down or depressed.   When you get to that point that it is all just too much anymore and you just cannot do it any longer, that is the moment when if not before you cry out and just let it go and hand it over to your Angels.  Just Release it ALL!  My Angels, sometimes in life it takes us a while to realize that we must just “let go” and move on.  But, we have to move on in order to be happy in this life, in your life, for your future, and for your health as well as your emotional inner and outer happiness.

Letting Go

Once we get to the place of realizing we have to let go and are okay with letting go, we find that we have let go of this huge cloud that has been hanging over our heads without truly even realizing it.  And boy what a release of emotional baggage that you again didn’t realize you carried so close.  Ahhh…. it’s okay to just “let go” and/or “let it ALL go.”

The peace that I want for us ALL is to have the kind of peace that Dorothy has… you know Dorothy, my baby girl below… when looking at this photo you can see that she is at peace, she is stress free, she is relaxed, day dreaming possibly, and just enjoying and living in the moment…


Dorothy loves the fire as this (1) keeps her warm, and (2) brings her comfort and joy as you can well tell from this photo.  It brings me peace and comfort to just sit and watch her just be in the moment and relax as that is what I have been working on doing.  Just trying to be in this moment in time, release more of the negativity that has surrounded me for the past almost two years, and let it ALL go.  It seems to be getting easier these days with the help from my Angels, Guides, Guardians, and Lord and Savior!  I also could not do any of this without you ~ my Angels here that let me talk about things to let it out and be able to “let go.”  So, thank you to ALL of my Angels for being here.  You do not know how much you are all Loved and Appreciated just for being you!

My Angels, try to just release and let go of any negativity that surrounds you whether it be from family, friends, co-workers, other drivers, or whomever, just let it go and release it.  Ask for help from your Angels as they are always near you, with you, and want to help you be free of any unnecessary stress, tension, or heartache.  They want you and us ALL to release it all and just “let it go.”

My Loves Happy Friday and know that I wish you ALL the very best, always and send you much Light & Love.



Mental Health & Healing with Archangel Raphael… ❤️💕

My Angels, My Lights, My Loves, May this message find you all well and in the arms of your Angels at this time.  Though I know there are many crazy and unanswered things happening in this world of ours today, please let this post help you in finding a comfort you need and require at this and at all times via Archangel Raphael.   Raphael (Standard Hebrew רָפָאֵל, Rāfāʾēl, “It is God who heals”, “God Heals”, “God, Please Heal”) is an archangel of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who in the Christian tradition performs all manners of healing. In Islam, Raphael is the fourth major angel; in the Muslim tradition, he is known as Israfil.

My Angels ~ Please know that you are ALL always in my prayers, in my Heart, and I send much Light and Love out to you ALL and this entire world of ours that is need of much Love!