Good Day My Amazing Angels:

Isn’t it crazy how one can have things scheduled and planned out and then out of the blue life gets in the way. And, without warning.

My loves, I pray you are all well. I pray the year thus far has treated you all well.

No matter where you are in this place in time please remember to stay positive in this crazy life, always look up, always enjoy the beauty around you, and always – always talk to your Angels. They’re with you and listening. They want to help … just ask.

I’ve missed you all.

Sending you all big hugs and lots of Light and Love.



Hello Angels… I thought I’d share my Saturday activity…

Such a fun day hiking with these such adorable and well behaved goats…

As you can see the Angels are always around as per the signs in the sky. Always get out and explore Angels and enjoy this life that is short.

I wish you all happiness, good health, enlightenment, and most of all a love for life!

Always with Light and Love Angels!