~ 7:15 ~

~ 7:15 ~

You all know I love my workouts.  Well, September was a “plank challenge” month at my bootcamp class.  So, whatever you help your plank for the first day, you had to double it at the end of the month.  I held the first day for 2:52 and by the end of the month, I held for 7:15!  I was very happy and felt good.  I could have gone a bit longer, but class was needing to start so…

Believe in yourself and anything is possible.  I knew I had this all month!  Why, because I had faith in myself and knew that when I push myself everyday and give 110% everyday – I had it!  There is no excuse why I couldn’t.  I was not giving myself one.  I give myself no slack when it comes to my workouts – period!


Always with inspiration, strength, light, love, life and our Warrior Within!


In life there are some things that you cannot control, some things that you have to just trust in and have faith that this is the right path and that it all will work out the way it is supposed to in the long run.  You have to take those chances, those adventures, those trials, those life choices to find out who you are as an individual both inside and out and when you do, others might not understand it while it is happening, but will respect your decision.  Have no regrets for trying something new and out of your element.  No regrets! No Excuses!

For me, sometimes it’s hard being away from family.  I live on the West Coast and the rest are on the East Coast.  It’s very difficult for me because I am very much a family and friend person.  I love to see my family and friends ALL the time and it has been difficult.  But, I know that through my constant reaching out to them, prayers for them and asking that they be guided and looked after, I know they have their angels looking over them with me and for me.  I have no regrets, but I certainly do miss being there for all their individual things.  Like I had been used to for so long.  Thank goodness for the internet and cell phones.

But, Life is an adventure and sometimes you just have to jump on that train for the ride while still keeping in touch with and being a part of the lives of those that mean the world to you.  Do not look back later in life and say to yourself, what if  had taken that chance…  I took that chance and have no regrets because I have seen and done many things on this adventure that I would not have otherwise.

No Excuses        no-regrets4