~Trust Your Angels~

If you’re feeling low or lonely just call your Angels near, and ask them for their guidance to free you from your fears. They’ll always give you comfort and send something from above to help you find contentment through their unconditional love. It may well be that what they send is not what you expect, but you’ll see with time and hindsight it was for your very best!

“Angels above you, Angels beside you,
have faith that they’re with you, to love you and guide you,
believe that they’ll show you the right way to be
happy and peaceful, just trust them, you’ll see!”

Lifting you
“Your Angels will lift you when you’re feeling low,
and show you that UP is the only way to go.”

“If wishes were cuddles, and they can come true,
I’m sure that the Angels will come and hug you!”

Call with your heart
“If you’re ever alone and feeling blue,
just ask for your Angels to comfort you,
They’ll stay right by your side and stop you being scared,
simply call with your heart, and they will be there.”

“How many times have you thought in a day,
‘I want to believe but can’t find a way’?,
Then how many days has that day turned out fine,
by the means of your Angels conveying a sign?
So, remember the times that they’ve shown you the way,
and trust that they’ll guide you through each precious day.”

Pass your worries to the Angels
“Angels can turn our darkness to light,
help our dreams to come true and our worries take flight,
so pass them your burdens, give them your cares,
they’re waiting to help you – just trust they are there …”

“The sparkle of light, the whisper of wings
the fleeting touch that an Angel can bring,
will bring you guidance and surround you with love,
with the comforting presence that comes from above.
A feather, a coin or a butterfly in view,
can also be signs you have Angels with you.
Acknowledge their presence, trust in their care,
and thank them for showing you that they are there.”

Listen to your Angels
“When you listen to your Angels,
they can help you find your way,
towards peace and love and happiness, through their guidance every day.”

There’s always an Angel
Monday’s Angel looks down from above,
Tuesday’s Angel will wrap you in love,
Wednesday’s Angel is healing and caring,
Thursday’s Angel shares the load you are bearing,
Friday’s Angel will shoulder your woes,
Saturday’s Angel will lift you, when low,
Sunday’s Angel will send you affection,
and steer you and point you in your life’s direction.
All of your Angels are protective and giving
you reason to cherish the life you are living.
Whenever you need them, whatever the day,
your Angels will be there to show you the way.

Pass your worries to the Angels
“Angels can turn our darkness to light,
help our dreams to come true and our worries take flight,
so pass them your burdens, give them your cares,
they’re waiting to help you – just trust they are there …”

Thank you, Angels!
“I thank all my Angels, so precious and pure,
for guiding me safely through all of life’s doors.”

Positive Thinking
“Positive thinking creates a doorway
through which Angels love to walk.”

Always with you
“Your Angels stay with you through each precious day,
loving, protecting and lighting your way,
then lay down beside you whilst you sleep at night,
keeping you safe ’til the fresh morning light.”

Angel Love
Angels send me cushions of love, to see me through each day,
guide me through my problems and help me on my way.
They send me signs to show me that they really are right there,
then protect me whilst I’m sleeping with their extra loving care!

The above are clips from other Angelic postings to be shared for Enlightenment.


Have you ever had something happen in your life that “finally” closed the chapter of an event you thought would never close or finally be put to rest?  I had that happen just this morning and when it did I cried and couldn’t stop… I prayed for so long and so hard for this one last piece to fall into place so that I could completely move on and it finally did today.

Through this event and the past year and a half working up to this point I truly never realized how much tension/stress I had or have built up within my body, my shoulders, and/or my entire being.  But, as of today I feel that I can fully and completely be free – be free to be me – be free to finally start living a life that I did not know or realize I was not living to the best of my ability until all this happened in the first place.  But, I feel I can have peace now.  I can have peace of mind that all has happened as it should, we are all well now, and it is time to move forward to a bigger and better life. (A massage in is order!)

The last of this puzzle was for my baby, a 14 year old baby kitty, Sammy, to find a home with someone to love him and just take care of him there in FL.  IF I could not find someone – I was going to have him transported back to CA to live with me … somehow.  I was afraid for him traveling on a plane at that age and possibly doing it alone (if I could not fly back and get him myself).  I have always had faith that all things would work out and I would find him a home somehow, but the stress of it… I just felt like everything has been on my shoulders for so long and it was getting to be too much.  After talking with a friend, an Angel and her family said they would step up and care for him.  He is the sweetest thing and it was breaking my heart all over again because I didn’t know what to do and finally just left it in God’s and my Angels hands to help me find him a new home.


So, with all this said I just wanted to share this with you, my Angelic Family to again tell you to always keep the Faith, stay Positive, and Pray.  It never hurts to just pray about it and give it all up to God and your Angels.  I do this all the time, but sometimes, just sometimes, things still weigh heavy on my heart and mind and I find it difficult to do so, but still do it.  This I am trying to be better at completely letting it all go, but this too takes time and still more practice.

Thank you Angels for listening and always being there.  Thank you for your love and support and the following of this blog.  You will never truly know or understand how much you are all Loved and wished the very best for.

Always with Light & Love Angels ~ Always!



Thank you to ALL our Veteran’s!  We SALUTE YOU!!