My Angels ~

I wanted to take this time to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.  The upcoming year is going to be a good one and this puts 2018 to rest.  The year of 2018 has been a bit challenging for most, but we must all stay Positive, always keep the Faith and know the next year will be a good one.


My Angels, please remember to always reach out and talk to your Angels.  Talk to them because they are with you and always near you.  They are there to listen and assist.  You just have to give them a chance and have Faith.


We ALWAYS have Angelic Guidance – Always.


Sending you ALL lots of Light and Love!

Happy Holidays and a VERY Happy New Year my dear and Angelic Angels.



Good Day my Angels!  I pray all are well and getting ready for this 2018 Holiday Season.  I can hardly believe it’s here – and so soon.  Or at least it feels like it “so soon.”

I apologize for not being around lately as I have been setline in still here in our new area we call home within the great state of Texas.  Our move from California to Texas has been eventful and interesting to say the least.  Upon arrival in Texas we moved into a 200 square feet home (minimalists indeed) brining only what we needed and not what we wanted or any excess “stuff.”  Most of our things we donated or sold so as to downsize immensely.  There is no room within 200 square feet of space with two adult humans and our four (4) fur babies (kitties).  While I find myself still adjusting the babies and there papa have adjusted very well and seem totally content.  At times I am but I have to say it is not without its limitations living within a small space for me.  At the present I remain in great Faith and Positivity that I am where I am supposed to be at this moment in time and am appreciative for all my Angels and every day that I get to wake up to the beautiful faces of my babies.

Christmas – New Years – Seriously!

I am SO NOT READY and cannot get into the spirit of the Holidays.  I have no décor up or bought anything as of yet.  We are so minimal and truly do not “need” anything and our wants would be just stuff to clutter up our tiny space.  So, anything we buy or bring into our space another item ahs to go in which to conserve the space.  Hmm…. we’ll see as I sit here thinking about what to do.  A Charlie Brown tree for sure is in my future and gifts for our babies.  How about you Angels – are you ready for the Holidays?  What are your plans?  I am, however, looking forward to a New Year and New You attitude!  I am excited about that and all the possibilities that come along with it.  How about you?


Life is precious and a gift no matter where you stand at this moment in time and space.  Be grateful my Angels for every breath you take and the lives around you.

I wish you ALL a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season and look forward to an amazing 2019.

Always with much Light and Love!

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My Angels, My Lights, My Loves … (shared with you through ask-angels)

How you respond to change or challenge has the opportunity to be updated now if you allow it.

You have or may be presented with some change or challenge in your reality and with it you may feel triggered to respond in an older or outdated way… (ie. with doubt, fear, or stress that is somehow related to an old, dark wound from your past)

But with presence and awareness you have the choice.

Do you repeat the old pattern, giving into fear and uncertainty?

Or do you notice old patterning beginning to play out and choose to pause the spiral of mind and fear so you can consciously choose to respond in an empowered way…

I’d recommend this second option!

Breathe, step back and observe your situation from a higher level of your consciousness.

Choose to break free from the past so you can respond in an empowering new way in the present…

Release whatever fear, doubt, or stress may be arising over to the angels and into the light.

And then choose to respond to your present situation with love by consciously choosing to follow your joy, bliss, and the path of what truly delights and inspires you.

Know that you deserve the best of what life has to offer.

And any guilt, fear, doubt, shame, or worry that you’re not deserving that comes up is doing so for you to release it.

Be willing to release the past to allow higher levels of light in!

Remember that choosing to move in the direction of joy and expansion will increase your light.

Yes, there are programmed responses tied to past happenings, patterns and beliefs that may surface.

But if you find yourself reacting in an old way.


Step back. 


Reconnect with what it is you really want… 

Reconnect with what your core intentions are… 

Remember who you really are.. 

And remember that the Universe is conspiring with you and that the most benevolent outcomes are aligning for you on Divine Timing.

When you stay in alignment with love and joy you truly support the highest possibilities for your life.

So when tension arises.

Pay attention!

Are you able to respond to challenge in a new way?

Call in the help of your angels to release old energies…

And remember that you’re supported…

Now is the time to bring your spiritual power into the physical, one choice and one present moment at a time.

And as you do, your continued joy creates a powerful ripple of crystalline consciousness throughout all.

So whether you’re effortlessly riding the waves of light now.. Or feeling a bit challenged.

Remember that you’re not alone… And that we together are holding the field of love, light, peace and balance around the planet!

Truly infinite levels of love and light are right here.

Choose to release the old, and let new levels of love in! 

Always with Light & Love Angels!!  Cheers!



Have you ever had something happen in your life that “finally” closed the chapter of an event you thought would never close or finally be put to rest?  I had that happen just this morning and when it did I cried and couldn’t stop… I prayed for so long and so hard for this one last piece to fall into place so that I could completely move on and it finally did today.

Through this event and the past year and a half working up to this point I truly never realized how much tension/stress I had or have built up within my body, my shoulders, and/or my entire being.  But, as of today I feel that I can fully and completely be free – be free to be me – be free to finally start living a life that I did not know or realize I was not living to the best of my ability until all this happened in the first place.  But, I feel I can have peace now.  I can have peace of mind that all has happened as it should, we are all well now, and it is time to move forward to a bigger and better life. (A massage in is order!)

The last of this puzzle was for my baby, a 14 year old baby kitty, Sammy, to find a home with someone to love him and just take care of him there in FL.  IF I could not find someone – I was going to have him transported back to CA to live with me … somehow.  I was afraid for him traveling on a plane at that age and possibly doing it alone (if I could not fly back and get him myself).  I have always had faith that all things would work out and I would find him a home somehow, but the stress of it… I just felt like everything has been on my shoulders for so long and it was getting to be too much.  After talking with a friend, an Angel and her family said they would step up and care for him.  He is the sweetest thing and it was breaking my heart all over again because I didn’t know what to do and finally just left it in God’s and my Angels hands to help me find him a new home.


So, with all this said I just wanted to share this with you, my Angelic Family to again tell you to always keep the Faith, stay Positive, and Pray.  It never hurts to just pray about it and give it all up to God and your Angels.  I do this all the time, but sometimes, just sometimes, things still weigh heavy on my heart and mind and I find it difficult to do so, but still do it.  This I am trying to be better at completely letting it all go, but this too takes time and still more practice.

Thank you Angels for listening and always being there.  Thank you for your love and support and the following of this blog.  You will never truly know or understand how much you are all Loved and wished the very best for.

Always with Light & Love Angels ~ Always!