Good Day Angels!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been a bit busy.  You see – I am moving soon and have been trying to get things in order.  The house we just bought is being rented out, decisions have to be made, and we are packing up most of our things, but also minimizing quite a lot (donating tons and trashing most).  If I’ve had it and not used it for a year or more than it is time for it to go.  It’s just stuff and of no use to me.

Moving On

It’s time to let go again and move onward and upward in this thing called life.

So much has changed and happened in my years here whereby I can finally tell myself that I can now breath and have a more happier life (in another state).  It’s been so stressful most of the time that I can actually say I’ve had too much going on in my head.  These days I have learned to let go, learned that I can no longer be the one who handles all issues and takes care of all business, learned that after the past has caught up to those who so deserve it that I am now free.  We are all now free!

I look forward to change and the new adventures to come!

Best Decision

Always be ready for change Angels and know if whatever the situation is you are facing might seem gut-wrenching horrible now while you’re in it, know this too shall pass.  Believe me… it will pass.  It might not feel like it or seem like it will ever end, but it will.  Eventually you will find your strength and Light again ~ just hang in there and keep your Faith.  Always keep your Faith!  I promise things will get better.  You will look back as I do now wherein I wondered if I would truly live through it, I didn’t think I would, but my family unit is strong and together we ALL prevailed.

I’m ready now… Let’s Get To This Thing Called Life!

Always with Light and Love Angels ~ Always!!!




Have you ever had something happen in your life that “finally” closed the chapter of an event you thought would never close or finally be put to rest?  I had that happen just this morning and when it did I cried and couldn’t stop… I prayed for so long and so hard for this one last piece to fall into place so that I could completely move on and it finally did today.

Through this event and the past year and a half working up to this point I truly never realized how much tension/stress I had or have built up within my body, my shoulders, and/or my entire being.  But, as of today I feel that I can fully and completely be free – be free to be me – be free to finally start living a life that I did not know or realize I was not living to the best of my ability until all this happened in the first place.  But, I feel I can have peace now.  I can have peace of mind that all has happened as it should, we are all well now, and it is time to move forward to a bigger and better life. (A massage in is order!)

The last of this puzzle was for my baby, a 14 year old baby kitty, Sammy, to find a home with someone to love him and just take care of him there in FL.  IF I could not find someone – I was going to have him transported back to CA to live with me … somehow.  I was afraid for him traveling on a plane at that age and possibly doing it alone (if I could not fly back and get him myself).  I have always had faith that all things would work out and I would find him a home somehow, but the stress of it… I just felt like everything has been on my shoulders for so long and it was getting to be too much.  After talking with a friend, an Angel and her family said they would step up and care for him.  He is the sweetest thing and it was breaking my heart all over again because I didn’t know what to do and finally just left it in God’s and my Angels hands to help me find him a new home.


So, with all this said I just wanted to share this with you, my Angelic Family to again tell you to always keep the Faith, stay Positive, and Pray.  It never hurts to just pray about it and give it all up to God and your Angels.  I do this all the time, but sometimes, just sometimes, things still weigh heavy on my heart and mind and I find it difficult to do so, but still do it.  This I am trying to be better at completely letting it all go, but this too takes time and still more practice.

Thank you Angels for listening and always being there.  Thank you for your love and support and the following of this blog.  You will never truly know or understand how much you are all Loved and wished the very best for.

Always with Light & Love Angels ~ Always!