No Words Necessary

In life you have those moments when there are no words necessary.  Nature is at its finest, the birds are chirping, the air is clear and clean, the sun is shining, and you know deep down that there are, in fact, Angels around at this time because nothing could be more beautiful and peaceful.  Those times are priceless!  Don’t you agree…

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

We hiked that day down into the Grand Canyon, across the canyon and back up.  Yes, it took us all day and into the early evening.  Wow, what a journey.  There were more miles than I was anticipating, but we did it.  We were prepared, had plenty of water and food.  Rob is always prepared for adventures, especially those that take him outdoors.  So, I wasn’t too worried.

May your days be filled with light, love and blessings.  Cheers my dear friends.

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