When you feel most exposed to life’s perils, your Guardian Angels are there to pick you up and dust you off!  They strive to keep you happy and safe 24/7.  Your angels are so connected to God that they feel every emotion that you feel, every pain that you experience, every fear that holds you back from being who you really are.  Never doubt for one single moment that you are alone.  Take a soothing breath and know without any doubt that you are loved and protected beyond your wildest dreams!  ~ LShell~
Keep the faith and believe in yourself and your Angels my lovelies.  And remember, we here at Enlightenment Angels are always here for you with LIFE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY, STRENGTH, BEING THE WARRIOR WITHIN, GUIDANCE, and LOVE!

~ 100,000 ANGELS ~

~ 100,000 ANGELS ~

The below video was shared with me from a very special Angel and I absolutely love it.  It brings me peace and a smile when I hear it.

Please listen and enjoy!

Wishing all my Angels Happiness, Good Health and always with LIFE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY, STRENGTH, BEING THE WARRIOR WITHIN, GUIDANCE, and LOVE!

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No Words Necessary

In life you have those moments when there are no words necessary.  Nature is at its finest, the birds are chirping, the air is clear and clean, the sun is shining, and you know deep down that there are, in fact, Angels around at this time because nothing could be more beautiful and peaceful.  Those times are priceless!  Don’t you agree…

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

We hiked that day down into the Grand Canyon, across the canyon and back up.  Yes, it took us all day and into the early evening.  Wow, what a journey.  There were more miles than I was anticipating, but we did it.  We were prepared, had plenty of water and food.  Rob is always prepared for adventures, especially those that take him outdoors.  So, I wasn’t too worried.

May your days be filled with light, love and blessings.  Cheers my dear friends.