Affirmations: An affirmation is really anything you say or think. Consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life. An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.”

My Angels, should you ever not know what Affirmation to say or have any doubts, simply say any or all of these: 

  •    I am now surrounded by angels.
  •    The angels shine the love of God upon me and through me.
  •    I accept love from God and the angels.
  •    I deserve love.
  •    I deserve happiness.
  •    I deserve health.
  •    I deserve help from heaven, and I accept it now.
  •    I call upon God and the angels to help and guide me.
  •    I listen to my inner voice and feelings.
  •    My inner voice and feelings are guidance from God and the angels.
  •    This guidance is everything I need.
  •    I follow my guidance in full faith.
  •    I know that God and the angels love me and are guiding me right now.
  •    I accept the angels’ love.
  •    I accept love.
  •    I love.
  •    I am LOVE.
  •    I am Loving.
  •    I am very Loved.
  •    Everyone loves me.
  •    I love everyone.
  •    I forgive everyone.
  •    I forgive myself.
  •    I send God’s love to everyone I meet.
  •    I guard my thoughts carefully and only allow positive and loving thoughts to come through.
  •    There is an abundance of love in the world.
  •    There is enough for everyone.
  •    There is plenty to go around.
  •     I have an abundance of everything.
  •     I attract wonderful, loving people into my life.
  •     My angels and I enjoy new opportunities to give service to the world.
  •     I am rewarded constantly.
  •     My life is harmonious and peaceful.
  •     I am peaceful.
  •     I am radiant.
  •     I am joyful.

Doreen Virtue-Healing with the Angels


My Angels ~ I have attached below an interview with Doreen Virtue who is an Angel in and or herself who brings Light & Love to us all and shares even more through the Guidance of all Angels.

Please, feel free and listen, breath in, and consider everything she says – you’ll understand and see that we all have our Angels and they are with us and do, in fact, give us signs and messages.  We just have to pay attention.  Trust me, I know and would never lead you astray.  Keep the Faith and Positivity my Angels!

Always with Light & Love my Angels!





History of Valentine’s Day


- The Curious Rambler -


In February everyone’s heart turns to love… and chocolate… but mostly to love. February 14 is the day we show those special people in our lives how much we truly care. But did you ever wonder why? Who was Saint Valentine? And why is February 14 so special? Well, let’s have a look at the history of Valentine’s day and see if we can find out…

Who was Saint Valentine?

According to legend, Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome during the third century. At that time, Emperor Claudius II, who liked going to war, discovered that married men didn’t make very good soldiers. For some reason, they were more concerned about staying alive and providing for their wives and children than about enlarging the empire for him.  So, he simply outlawed marriage for men of soldiering age.

red-heartBut Vicar Valentine was a romantic at heart. He couldn’t bear seeing young lovers…

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Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️


Plutonium™ Paint

Love is Love! Mural by Adam Dare – New York City. #NYCStreetArt


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Angel Card Reading for Tuesday

Peace Of Mind: “Make peacefulness your highest priority. Commit to taking steps to ensure peace of mind, and take those steps without delay.”

Peace Of Mind is not something you have to earn or acquire, since your true self is already peaceful. Instead, it requires being like a sculptor with a block of marble, who works with this material until the inner masterpiece is revealed. If you will make peace of mind your main focus, you will inevitably feel a great sense of relief.

Steps that create peace of mind include being honest with yourself, living according to your inner guidance, being helpful and kind to others, practicing meditation or yoga, eating only healthful foods, avoiding toxins, maintaining healthy sleep habits, avoiding negative people and media, surrendering your problems to God, communing with nature, simplifying your life, and saying no when you need to.”

My Angels, Happy Valentine’s Day!  Take this time, this day, and show yourself some love!  It’s ok to use this day, Valentine’s Day, and spoil yourself.  And, please note, that it should not just be Valentine’s Day that this is done, but every day.  You should take time out of every day and do something, even just one this, that you love – for you!  That will give you the “Peace of Mind” that we all need and require.

Always with Light & Love my Angels!  Always!!

Guest author: Ray (on behalf of Colin Chappell) – A dog’s life

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Ani winksSince she has been hogging the keyboard so much lately, I thought it was about time I got in on the act and had a friend over. Honestly… tap, tap, tap… ‘not now, girlie’ and ‘how did you manage to get the ball there‘ is about all I’m hearing at present. Apart from the odd rustle of cheese wrappers…

So, I thought I’d introduce you to my pal, Ray. Well, okay, strictly speaking, we haven’t met… but have you seen his pictures??? And he has a story to tell about how he trained his new two-legs. Ray is another rescue dog… so we already have something in common… but instead of saving his royalties for an automatic tennis ball launcher, his book… well, the two-legs has his name on the cover, just like she has on my books… the royalties will all go to help other rescue…

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Angel Card Reading for Monday

Our Lady Of Great Power comes with a special message from such inspired spiritual leadership, which is the leadership of the heavenly Mother herself. She tells us that no matter what we may be trying to accomplish upon the earth, she has power to assist us towards success and that power is beyond any obstacle. No matter whether a personal matter, a social matter or environmental issue, legal or financial issue, spiritual crisis or beloved other that needs helps, we can pray to her and she will provide us with what is needed. Our job is to act on that with trust; praying, listening, responding, waiting, acting, reflecting. This is how we live with her, in her grace, and in the magnificence of her great power.

She asks now that you dispense with any habits or beliefs that it all must be accomplished on your own. She knows that you have struggled to find the support you have needed at times in your past and she asks you to put that behind you now. It helped you grow strong and develop self-reliance but your task is different now. You have that strength and enough self-awareness to know who you are and what has meaning for you. You know to remain true to yourself, even if you are in partnership or collaboration, joining forces with others. You are beings asked to allow yourself to be helped so that you can become an empowered channel for her grace to reach the world. So pray. Be open. And know that she is powerful beyond measure.

My Angels, live in Faith, live in Trust, and live in the knowledge that “You have that strength and enough self-awareness to know who you are and what has meaning for you.”

You are always looked over and loved by Your Angels and Your Guides.  Never feel alone as we are all in this together.

Always with Light & Love Angels.



Daily maintenance for choosing Light with Archangel Michael

  1. Ask Archangel Michael to disconnect you from the collective conscious/unconscious.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to clear, repair and solidify your connection to God and the Heavenly Realms. (This connection goes out the top of your head)
  3. Ask Archangel Michael to vacuum (it can have 1 hose – or many) out any lower energies that you may have within you or your auric field. When he is done, ask him to reverse the vacuum and fill you with the highest frequency of light you can easily accept at this time.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to buoy your faith in God and mankind, to lend you his faith if need be.
  5. Ask Archangel Michael to help you know and clearly see the truth in all situations, cutting through all illusions.

Thank you to “Your Inner Landscape” for sharing such great guidance!

My Angels, all we have to do is “ASK” for Guidance and it will be shown.  Do not be afraid to reach out and ask.  Have Faith and Keep that Inner Strength.

Always with Light & Love from your Angels!

Watching over.



Not many days remain now…

until you change your name.

And tho’ one might think sadness dwells,

it is pure joy which remains. 

To see your peace

and constant glow,

there is no more to ask. 

Than to know you’re loved

and cherished so,

by the one whom you will be attached. 

One thing I ask to be remembered

one wish I humbly tell.

Watch over this name you’ll soon be given,

remember to treat it well. 

Provide it only with honor

and tender loving care.

For God has gifted it to you…

and guided you safely there.

His name 

will now be your name

and with God together you will be.

3 strands of cord together…

forever strong,

you shall see.

And I am so very grateful,

that He gave you but for awhile to me.

A true Motherly Blessing,

(for so many years)

of watching over thee.

these hugs n’…

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things are a changin’!


Hello Friends!

fullsizerenderI’m still here!

I ask for your patience with me


there’s a lot of


goin’ on!






Our Lord

called me to




fullsizerenderSometimes in life the most important decisions you’ll make are simply about cardigans & bows.

And now there’s

 (much) grace & mercy spillin’ all over the place!

fullsizerenderPraying the morning rosary to keep Daddy safe.

You’ll see changes up ahead.

Things won’t quite look the same.

But you’ll witness (re)new(ed) life spreading it’s wings!

(Even a fresh look to this bloggity-blog say-I space!) 

January’s been spent in Silence.




to reveal

all that’s been unearthed





hugs n’ blessings for treasures-troved!

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