Daily maintenance for choosing Light with Archangel Michael

  1. Ask Archangel Michael to disconnect you from the collective conscious/unconscious.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to clear, repair and solidify your connection to God and the Heavenly Realms. (This connection goes out the top of your head)
  3. Ask Archangel Michael to vacuum (it can have 1 hose – or many) out any lower energies that you may have within you or your auric field. When he is done, ask him to reverse the vacuum and fill you with the highest frequency of light you can easily accept at this time.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to buoy your faith in God and mankind, to lend you his faith if need be.
  5. Ask Archangel Michael to help you know and clearly see the truth in all situations, cutting through all illusions.

Thank you to “Your Inner Landscape” for sharing such great guidance!

My Angels, all we have to do is “ASK” for Guidance and it will be shown.  Do not be afraid to reach out and ask.  Have Faith and Keep that Inner Strength.

Always with Light & Love from your Angels!


Don’t you just love the knowing that your Angels are always with you.  Just look up, call for them, ask them to guide you, show you, and be with you.  I always do because I just know – I know they are there, with me – all the time.  They give me strength, courage and comfort.  I have Faith, I Believe and I Love them for being there.  They are my rock!


As Always ~ With Light, Love, Guidance, Strength, and Positivity my dear Angels.


There is comfort in knowing and believing that your Angels and Guides are with you.  There is comfort in knowing that I do have the strength to fight anything that comes my way ~ I just have to believe and have Faith.  There is comfort in knowing that when I leave my baby “Caesar” at the vet that he is well taken care of – even though he will be upset with me when I pick him back up.  There is comfort in knowing that though it aches to be so far away from family, that they are all well, happy and well taken care of.   There is comfort in knowing that today is Friday, it’s a beautiful day and it is going to be an even better weekend.


Thank you for spending a little time with me today and reading my post.  May you enjoy a great weekend with your loved ones on these beautiful days ahead.  Always with Light and Love my dears!  Cheers!