Angelic Waterfalls

These are crazy times we’re in Angels and in order to be at peace we have to get out of the house if only for a run, a walk, or see some beauty …

My apologies that it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

Always with Light and Love… always. You never know where you’ll see an Angel… xox

5 thoughts on “Angelic Waterfalls

  1. That sound of running water was so relaxing, thank you for sharing. I totally agree with you! The other day I took my boys for a walk around our neighborhood and that led us to going to the pool, which we had to ourselves! It was so relaxing and nice to be connecting with my kids. During these tough times, its easy to forget about finding peace in nature…


    1. Thank you Angel! You stay strong and continue with your faith (whichever that might be), strength, and light!! You are loved beyond belief and I am sending you huge hugs and prayers at this time.


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