Archangel Michael – “Demystifying Death” – Transmitted Through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

A VISION FOR THE FUTURE – Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest

“Accept yourself the way you are, and to realize that you are beautiful and precious”



Always with Light & Love my Angels!


Have You Asked Your Angels For Help With This
Your angels want to help you with this situation; however, they require your permission before they can intervene in your freewill choices.
From the booklet:
This card indicates that you’ve been going it alone, trying to single-handedly find answers and solutions.  All the while, your angels hover nearby awaiting the moment when you give them the go-ahead signal so that they can help you.
The angels are available to you right now – to answer your questions, give you guidance, and speed your manifestations.  It’s true that God and the angels already know what you need.  However, because God created you and everyone with free will, Heaven can only intervene if you give permission.  It doesn’t matter whether you ask for help aloud, in written form, silently or even what words you choose.  What matters is that you ask.  If you’re unsure of what to ask for or are concerned about asking for the wrong thing or requesting less than God’s will, then ask Heaven to help you with clarity and courage.
From Me:
This is a perfect card to end the year with. You are reminded that in every event and situation in your life to include the angels for help and guidance.  Go into the New Year with this thought and you will be amazed at how different your life will become. You will have more good things happening and feel stronger and happier In general. You may want to print the angel card and put in a place that will remind you to work with the angels. Click here or copy and paste into your browser
Action Steps from my booklet:
Whether you’re seeking answers and guidance, healing and relief, or a manifestation of your earthly material needs, your angels can assist you in powerful ways.  Take a moment right now to ask for your angels’ help, either silently or aloud.  Please don’t worry about asking for the wrong thing or stating your prayer in an incorrect way, as the angels respond to the intention that underlies your request.  After you ask for their help, watch for and follow the angel’s replies, which will come in the form of gut feelings, dreams, ideas, and signs.
My Angels – this is a perfect time for this reading… a huge thank you to for sending out such a great message to us all!  Our Angels are always with us and are here to listen.  I talk to mine all the time and say prayers on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.
My Angels, my Light, my Loves – know that you always have someone to listen to you, to hear you, just ask and reach out – Angels are always near You’ll be surprised…
Sending you ALL out lots of LOVE and LIGHT!  Cheers!!

MERRY Christmas and HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2016

Merry Christmas my Angels.


Sending you ALL Huge LOVE and Hugs! And,  a Huge shout out to the birthday girl,  my niece who is 26 today.  She’s an awesome and great big sister,  a light of love,  and an amazing niece.

Love you ALL!


Have you ever had one of those days that you are finally by yourself and you are so happy that you have this free time, but your mind goes blank as to what to do now…

Well, here you go ~ below are 50 Things To Do By Yourself, thank you to

Whatever you end up doing on your own, listen to how you feel and go with doing something that lights you up from the inside out!

  • Start your own vegetable patch in your garden. Or plant them in larger planter boxes if you don’t have the space.
  • Bake something that you have never made before. I love flipping through old recipe books, searching for delicious treats.
  • Spend a day at a museum or art gallery.
  • Meditate – sit, be still and devote time to listening to your breath.
  • Review and update your core desired feelings. I use Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map (affiliate link) because it absolutely works miracles in my life!
  • Have dinner on a your own in a nice restaurant – take time to really enjoy the food.
  • Read your favorite chapters from the books you love.
  • Go to a farmer’s market, basket in hand and stock up on fresh, seasonal, organic produce.
  • Go for a walk – in nature, outdoors and enjoy breathing the fresh air.
  • Make some popcorn, add your own toppings (be creative!) and have a movie marathon.
  • Listen to an album from start to finish without doing anything else. Or find a playlist that resonates with what you are feeling on 8 Tracks.
  • Go out for a long Sunday brunch.
  • See a film at the cinema on your own – you won’t have to share your popcorn.
  • Do a grocery shop at your favorite organic grocers and splurge on something you don’t have very often. My local organic grocer also offers personalized tea blending. I just tell them what I kind of tea I want and they create a herbal blend from various organic herbs.
  • Start a herb garden that will sit on your windowsill. This is perfect for small apartments. Also, most herbs are quite hardy and will last throughout the year.
  • Create a mixed tape or playlists for all your different moods and occasions. I have ones for running, yoga, studying and working.
  • Take your bike for a leisurely ride and go your favorite café.
  • Rearrange your wardrobe and discover old clothes again.
  • Clean and organize things around your home. Try using Marie Kondo’s KonMari method for decluttering in order to spark joy!
  • Visit the florist and pick out a bunch of flowers for your bedside table. Use your good vase!
  • Create a calming space in your home for working on your hobbies or projects.
  • Create a beautiful meditation or spiritual corner – make a little altar for your crystals, meditation bowl and candles.
  • Take all your old clothes, books and furniture and donate these things to charity. Make room for the new by clearing out the old.
  • Paint, draw, sketch, write – let your emotions and intuition guide you to with this one.
  • Make a terrarium from a selection of succulents and moss.
  • Go somewhere in the city that you have never been before.
  • Go to a gig, enjoy the music and dance like crazy.
  • Read up on your horoscope or consult your tarot cards, angel cards!
  • Send a handwritten letter to a friend, lover or family member.
  • Create a Pinterest board to help visualize and bring your next adventure to life.
  • Make an Acai bowl, topped with fruit, yoghurt, super foods and granola.
  • Light a candle, take a relaxing bath – try adding some essential oils and herbs like sage, chamomile or peppermint!
  • Journal. Write up a list of things you would love to do, declare your dreams and intentions or simply empty out all your thoughts into your notebook.
  • Do a face mask. Make one from the ingredients in your kitchen! Combine 1 tablespoon of honey, a banana and a few drops of lemon, mix it up and apply to your face.
  • Roll out your mat and do yoga to rejuvenate, energize and relax. If you need a guided yoga practice that you can find online, I highly recommend Adriene With Yoga (Youtube channel) – she has amazing practices that I actually love!
  • Think of 50 questions that you want the answers and consult Wikipedia.
  • Do a juice cleanse for the day. Read more about my juice cleanse here.
  • Rearrange things in your room using Feng Shui to bring more light, flow and harmonious energy to your space.
  • Give an old chest of drawers some fresh paint or replace the door knobs in your house with vintage ones.
  • Give yourself a mini retreat weekend – eat healthy food, go for a massage, spoil yourself and really relax!
  • Sleep, doze or power nap as much as you need to. Read more about sleeping in my post How to Hibernate.
  • Sip a cup of tea and look out the window.
  • Go to the park, pack some homemade sandwiches, bring a picnic blanket and a good book.
  • Catch up on all your favorite blog posts.
  • Travel. I love travelling on my own because it really pushes me to live outside my comfort zone, to trust my intuition and to learn more about myself.
  • Give yourself a manicure – try a different styles like Leopard prints, marbling effects, dots etc.
  • Wake up early to see the sunrise. Or make time at dusk to catch the sunset.
  • Go for a jog or walk by the beach. Breathe in the salty sea breeze and watch the waves lick the shore.
  • Study. I love studying in my spare time. Sign up for online courses on any topic you have an interest to learn more about.
  • Take a photo to depict each hour in your day.
  • Make a gratitude list. I just add to this list overtime and whenever I feel unhappy, I read through it. It instantly cheers me up and puts things into perspective.



My Angels,  we all have a bit of a Light Worker in us. If you stop for a minute and just breathe,  you’ll know I’m right. Always share the Light and Positivity my lovelies,  is there any other way?

I hope you are all well and had a great weekend.

Always with much Light and Love My Angels.




liebster-award2 X2

Enlightenment Angels has been awarded the “Liebster Award” once by Paul of Pal Fitness at and again by sweet Emma of Shut That Negative Noise Off at ~ I am truly and humbly grateful for the honor and privilege of such an award! I also extend great gratitude for my Angelic Guidance, Angelic Light, and Angelic Love which continues to inspire me. 

Rules: 1. Thank the nominator and display your award proudly ~ you deserved it!; 2. Answer the 5 questions given; 3. Pick just 5 people to nominate and Let them know they are nominated via message; 4. Make up your own questions for your nominees. 🙂

Questions via PalFitness:

  1. If you knew you could commit a crime and get away Scott free, what would you do and why? I still wouldn’t do it, it’s not in me.
  2. What is most daring thing that you have ever done? Skydive, three times! I really enjoyed it!!
  3. How about the most disgusting thing you ever did? Other than escargot, I can’t think of anything. 🙂
  4. What haven’t you done that is wild that you have on your bucket list of crazy things to do? Hmm, I’ll think about that and get back to you. 🙂
  5. Are you dreading, excited or blah about the Holidays? I have not been too excited about the holidays. Honestly, I have been a bit down about them.

Questions via STNNO:

  1. Why do you blog?

Because I love to bring others light, love and inner peace. I pray my blog does that.

  1. Do you have a mind, body and soul balance? I believe I do most days, but honestly (sometimes) I feel it gets out of balance and I need to meditate to bring it back in inline.
  2. Do you know the meaning of God and Jesus Christ? Yes! 🙂 Through my Faith and Love is the only reason I am here today.
  3. What are you anticipating in 2016? A new start ~ a new career!
  4. Do you pray? Absolutely! Every day and almost at least once an hour or every other hour. 🙂

Enlightenment Angels’ Nominations:


Enlightenment Angels’ Questions:

  1. Considering our outstanding possibilities 😉 in which to choose for the upcoming presidency (that can’t come fast enough); do you already have your pick confirmed yet?
  2. What is the best book you’ve ever read and why?
  3. Where is the best place you have ever been for a vacation and why?
  4. Do you believe we are the only people in the entire universe?
  5. If you could travel back in time, how far or where would you go and why?

Enjoy my Angels and thank you for playing!

Always with Light, Love and Angelic Blesssings my Angels!




chakra angel purple

Always with Light and Love my Angelic Angels!!

Blessings to you ALL!




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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Always with much love and light my Angels!

Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel

Mercy of God, answered prayers, change – everything is happening for a reason. All is well. Archangel Jeremiel helps to review life and take stock of where you have been. Helps us to heal patterns that are no longer working. Helps us to be merciful to our self and others. Jeremiel helps newly crossed-over souls, as well as those still living, to review their lives. Call upon Jeremiel if you wish to take and inventory of your life in order to make positive adjustments.

The Color Associated with Jeremiel is Egg Plant Purple.

Archangel Jeremial

Always with Light & Love my Angels!


Angel Card Reading ~ “Prioritize”

What’s your calling?  What makes your heart sing?  When you focus on these areas, your joyful energy increases, which benefits everyone.  Take charge of your schedule and spend more time on projects and activities close to your heart.  Make choices that honor your priorities and support your life’s mission.


Always with Light & Love my Angels!