What an amazing and awesome page, Wisdom of the Angels.  I just LOVE IT and the Art is Priceless!!!  You’ll Love it Too – go check it out.

Here is an image of their artwork below I thought I’d share here:


Here are a few items within the page for a bit of Enlightenment …

“The Enlightenment Angel

The Enlightenment Angel is designed to…

  • Bring balance to life’s ups and downs
  • Assist with the acceptance of adversity
  • Remind you that you are not alone!

The Enlightenment Angel is perfect for:

  • Anyone who needs to balance all the areas of their lives
  • People who are on the journey of enlightenment
  • Those who want to lovingly embrace life’s adversities
  • People who need to be reminded that they are important, that they have a purpose and reason for being!

Enlightenment Angel’s Message for You…

To even begin to reach enlightenment one must not just realize, but accept the fact that everything is, and always will be in divine order. With that in mind, it is of paramount importance that we look at what seems to be bad, or wrong, or hurtful . . . all those feelings of unpleasantness . . . and find the gift that lies within. One could almost say it’s as simple as knowing that when something seemingly “bad” shows up, it’s merely showing us what it is we are really wanting. Think of the old saying, “To err is human, but to forgive is divine.” You’ll know you are truly in touch with your “God-self” when you have the ability to look adversity in the face and lovingly embrace it.”

Always with much Light & Love to YOU ALL Angels!

He Who Lives in Harmony With Himself Lives in Harmony With the Universe – Marcus Aurelius – VIA TheSeeds4Life



He Who Lives in Harmony With Himself Lives in Harmony With the Universe – Marcus Aurelius

Is there a place you can go within your mind to get away from the stress, the anxiety, and the worry?  A place that invokes both harmony and bliss?  That place, resides in the life happening all around you right now. 

Try to set aside 5 minutes each morning just to be still.  Center yourself by simply observing the environment that surrounds you.  Listen to the songs of the birds; the smattering of rain upon the rooftops. Notice the wind as it gently sways the trees and shifts the leaves.  Hear the sounds of cars passing by; the water flowing downstream, the people chatting.

Sit, just as a piece of life and observe, listen, feel.  When we take this time to just be, the outer world comes alive and brings peace to our inner world.

Next time you find yourself in an anxious or worried state, turn your focus outward.  Pause and observe, breathe and get present.  Allow the life that is happening around you to center you. 

All life is connected in some way, remember this, and let it bring a peaceful stillness to your turbulent unsettled mind.

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Always with Light & Love My Angels!