Angel Card Reading for Thursday:  You Are Stronger Than You Know

Challenging situations show you your inner strength, especially when you seem to have no choice but to handle the matter directly. This card is encouraging you to keep going and to call upon the deep well of strength that God has given you. It is within you now, and you can draw it upward to serve you, like a tree drinking water through its roots.

While you may feel like giving up, this is a time to persevere. It’s a self-test . . . so that you can gauge how much strength you truly have. After the situation is resolved, you’ll feel safer and more confident because you’ll know that you can rely upon yourself.

My Angels ~ always keep your Faith and Trust that your Angels are taking care of the situation (whatever it may be) for you.  It might not turn out that way you want it to at the time, but it will turn out the way it is intended.  I know that might not make any sense and might be hard to understand, but when you have Faith and Trust – it all comes together.  Lord knows I have had many situations wherein I truly needed to have extreme Trust and Faith and I talked and still talk to my Angels on a regular basis.  I prayed and still pray a lot, but I know they have it!  I leave it in their hands and just breathe!

You are NEVER alone my Angels, never!  Always with LIGHT & LOVE!


Archangel Gabriel Card Reading ~ “Open Your Heart To Love”

The key to everything you’re seeking is love, as this card reminds you. Yes, you’ve been hurt and disappointed. Yet, closing your heart for the sake of protection isn’t the answer. By choosing to open your heart, you shine the light of love so brightly that it sends a beacon to illuminate you and your work. This attracts all of the right people who will give you companionship and support.

When you create with an open heart, people can intuitively feel the healing love energy within your work . . . and they are magnetically drawn to it. Call upon the hearts of God, Mother Mary, Jesus, and Archangel Gabriel to help you sweep away past pains, and look upon a more fruitful plain of promise and love.

Open Your Heart


I thought I would share:

No matter what Country or deity you believe, we all Still Trust or Need to Still Trust.  This Diamond Rio song, In God We Still Trust, is perfect for helping or encouraging us to keep our faith, no matter who we are and/or what we believe.  Do we all not pray or look up for guidance or help in some way?  Just a thought…

“Although it is written for the United States it also applies to Canada and all other free Countries.”

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day,
be at my side
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.”

Always with Light, Love, Positivity, Strength and Guidance!