Who is Archangel Gabriel?

Gabriel is one of two archangels specifically named in the Bible (the other being Michael). In the Old Testament’s Book of Daniel, Gabriel appears to Daniel to help him understand his visions of the future. In the New Testament’s Gospels, Gabriel appears in the Book of Luke in famous scenes called the Annunciation, because the archangel announces the forthcoming births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.Scriptural roles underscore Gabriel’s mis­sion as the supreme messenger of God, and why this archangel is the patron saint of communications workers.

Artists throughout time have portrayed the angel in the Annunciation and other images of Gabriel with feminine features, long hair, flowing gowns, and—if you look closely at the Renaissance paintings—a feminine figure. Perhaps this is be­cause Gabriel is so closely aligned with the Divine feminine situations of pregnancy, birth, and com­munication.

When To Call On Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel and Mother Mary work closely together to minister to sensitive children. They guide conceptions, adoptions, pregnancies, births, and the raising of children. Because Gabriel is deeply concerned about children’s welfare, the archangel mentors responsible and loving adults who wish to help the young. If you feel called to work with children in any capacity, please ask Gabriel to help you. Gabriel helps earthly messengers such as teach­ers, counselors, writers, artists, and actors. This arch­angel acts like a Heavenly agent and manager who motivates you to polish your skills. Gabriel then opens the door of opportunity for you to work in your chosen career, and gives you a loving push through it if you hesitate.

Gabriel’s halo is copper colored, like the angel’s symbolic trumpet. If you see flashes or sparkles of copper light, or if you find yourself suddenly attracted to this metal, this is a sign that you’re working with Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel’s Color:


Crystal or Gemstone:


Astrological Sign:

Cancer, the nurturing and hardworking parent

An Affirmation to Archangel Gabriel

“Archangel Gabriel, thank you for helping me parent my beloved child. Please watch over me and my little  one, ensuring our health and happiness.

I do Love learning as much as I can about my Angels and Doreen Virtue is a HUGE help and filled with knowledge.  I just love her and her site!  This Archangel information comes straight from her, so please take note and ask Archangel Gabriel for guidance of your life’s path, parental guidance, and/or guidance for your children.  I talk to my Angels all the time and know they are constantly with me – guiding me.

Always with Light & Love my Angels!!




You have guardian angels with you right now. These angels are pure beings of Divine light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you with every area of your life. The word angel means “messenger of God.” Angels carry messages between the Creator and the created, like Heavenly postal carriers.

We don’t worship or pray to the angels, because we only worship God. Nor do the angels want to be worshipped. As messengers of God, they carry prayers and messages between the Creator and the created (us).  If you worry whether you’re connecting with God’s trustworthy angel, or a lower energy, ask God and Archangel Michael to protect you and to provide a barrier . . . so that no one, human or spirit, who is not of God’s pure love can come near to you. Once you ask, this is done.

Angels love everyone unconditionally. They look past the surface and see the godliness within us all. They focus only on our Divinity and potential, and not on our “faults.” So angels aren’t judgmental, and they only bring love into our lives. You’re safe with the angels, and you can totally trust them.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, because the angels believe in you. They see your inner light, they know your true talents, and they understand that you have an important life mission. They want to help you with everything.

You don’t need to have special training, be saintlike, or engage in religious work to commune with the angels. They help everyone who calls upon them, no matter what. The angels’ assistance is free of charge, always available, and there are no “catches” involved.

Those who regularly contact their angels report great improvements in their lives. They feel happier, more peaceful and confident, and less afraid of death or the future. They know that they’re not alone, because they have trustworthy guardians watching over them.

This site via Doreen relays messages so well that I just had to share it!  Always with Light & Love my Angels!




Archangel Gabriel Card Reading for Monday:

“Stay True To Yourself”

This card is a message for you to trust and follow your inner guidance. Don’t second-guess yourself or veer off course to please other people. You know, deep down, what to do. Partner with God’s guidance. Trust and follow the path you’re shown, one step at a time.

If you ever find yourself feeling stuck or if your business stalls, you can be sure it’s because you’ve compromised your original ideas. This stems from listening to fears and trying to satisfy everyone or fit in with others. Fears will never lead you where you want to go. Fortunately, it’s never too late to get back on track by staying true to yourself. This experience will help strengthen your assertiveness. Call upon God and Archangel Gabriel for help in being honest with others.

Amen!  Always with Light & Love my Angels!



Archangel Gabriel Card Reading for Friday


Congratulations! This card announces that you’ll be getting recognition for your efforts and accomplishments. You may be receiving media attention, compliments, honors, awards, or a promotion.

This card can also be a signal of your own self-recognition, which is the key to high self- esteem. It’s healthy for you to acknowledge how hard you’ve worked and to reward yourself for your efforts.

Always with Light & Live my Angels!


 Archangel Gabriel Card ~ Monday ~  “Listen Only To Love”

You began your journey with a positive intention, so it’s important that you focus only upon that intention through the ups and downs along the way. Everyone encounters unexpected detours upon their path, so don’t take yours personally.

This card comes to you as reassurance that any criticism you receive (from yourself or others) can be viewed through the lens of love. There may be some valid and helpful ideas within the criticism, if you can extract them with confidence. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by the energy of fear. Fear is merely trying to distract you from your path. That’s why it’s essential to listen only to love.
Listen Only to Love
Always with Light & Love My Angels!


Archangel Gabriel Card Reading for Friday ~ Inspiration

You received this card as an invitation to explore something new . . .and to be inspired! This may involve traveling to a beautiful location or exploring an iconic museum’s collection. Allow your passions to be your tour guide, and think of the exploration as an investment that will yield future benefits.

Traveling for your art is a way to open up to new perspectives, gain new cultural experiences, and discover new mediums for creative inspiration.


Always with Light & Love my Angels!  Happy Friday!


Archangel Gabriel reading for Wednesday ~ “Prosperity”

This card heralds abundance related to your projects. It looks like you will be the recipient of royalties, advance payments, or an unexpected windfall. You received this card as guidance to release any fears you may have about prosperity, such as romanticized notions of “the starving artist” or feeling undeserving of wealth.

Think of finances as a tool giving you more time and freedom to devote to your creativity. Since your projects will inspire and help many people, you are actually allowing yourself to receive in a way that will benefit others. The more you receive, the more you have available to give to others.


Always with Light & Love my Angels!


Archangel Gabriel Card Reading ~ “Open Your Heart To Love”

The key to everything you’re seeking is love, as this card reminds you. Yes, you’ve been hurt and disappointed. Yet, closing your heart for the sake of protection isn’t the answer. By choosing to open your heart, you shine the light of love so brightly that it sends a beacon to illuminate you and your work. This attracts all of the right people who will give you companionship and support.

When you create with an open heart, people can intuitively feel the healing love energy within your work . . . and they are magnetically drawn to it. Call upon the hearts of God, Mother Mary, Jesus, and Archangel Gabriel to help you sweep away past pains, and look upon a more fruitful plain of promise and love.

Open Your Heart



Ok ~ I’ll MOTIVATE YOU!  😉

Archangel Gabriel Reading – “Motivation”

This card comes to you because you have the ideas and the desire, but you need help motivating yourself to put them into action. Your message is that you’re over-whelming yourself by trying to do everything at once. God and the angels can help you break your project down into smaller steps that are achievable and enjoyable.

So, take a moment now to breathe and relax, while saying a prayer for Divine guidance about the next step to take with your project. Focus only upon that single step and don’t worry about the future ones, as you can’t take care of the future right now . . . only the present. With the burden of future worry released, you’ll have more enthusiasm toward your current creative actions.

Motivation   YOU GOT THIS!!





Good day my dear Angels!  I hope this message finds you all happy, fearless, finding your inner strength, and smiling.  Did you all have a great and relaxing weekend?  I certainly hope so.

Happy Monday!  Should you find yourself on this day feeling a bit of a struggle and anxiety, please remember to always ask for guidance and help through your daily life.  Why not?  What can it hurt?  Have faith, believe in yourself, believe in your inner being, your inner self and know that you can do, you can accomplish, and you can be anything in this life.  Seek and you shall find that inner warrior within and the light in you will shine through.  Of this there is NO doubt!

MIrcales Happen            HAVE FAITH!!

Purification  ASK …

My dearest Angelic beings, I send you this message today to remind you that you are loved, you have Angels around you at all times, and that all you have to do is ask for guidance, have Faith, and Believe in yourself and anything is possible.