Good Day Angels!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been a bit busy.  You see – I am moving soon and have been trying to get things in order.  The house we just bought is being rented out, decisions have to be made, and we are packing up most of our things, but also minimizing quite a lot (donating tons and trashing most).  If I’ve had it and not used it for a year or more than it is time for it to go.  It’s just stuff and of no use to me.

Moving On

It’s time to let go again and move onward and upward in this thing called life.

So much has changed and happened in my years here whereby I can finally tell myself that I can now breath and have a more happier life (in another state).  It’s been so stressful most of the time that I can actually say I’ve had too much going on in my head.  These days I have learned to let go, learned that I can no longer be the one who handles all issues and takes care of all business, learned that after the past has caught up to those who so deserve it that I am now free.  We are all now free!

I look forward to change and the new adventures to come!

Best Decision

Always be ready for change Angels and know if whatever the situation is you are facing might seem gut-wrenching horrible now while you’re in it, know this too shall pass.  Believe me… it will pass.  It might not feel like it or seem like it will ever end, but it will.  Eventually you will find your strength and Light again ~ just hang in there and keep your Faith.  Always keep your Faith!  I promise things will get better.  You will look back as I do now wherein I wondered if I would truly live through it, I didn’t think I would, but my family unit is strong and together we ALL prevailed.

I’m ready now… Let’s Get To This Thing Called Life!

Always with Light and Love Angels ~ Always!!!




Appreciate The Little Things In Life  (ReBlog)

You know when you read a post that says all the things you believe to be true and have faith in, you mus share and report.  So, without further ado my lovely Angels…

Man walking down road at sunset
Man walking down road at sunset





The following day on August 28 and at 9:15 a.m., Rob & I met with a man who would be a
part of our lives for quite some time, Dr. Gopal Kunta, an oncologist who had a great bedside
manner and is so very nice to talk to. He stated that since I was a triple negative he would be very
aggressive with my treatment in that he would suggest four cocktails. So, between this information
and the fact that he is sending me for four scans, a CT, PET, MUGA and Bone scan, I wanted a
second opinion. With that in mind, I set out for an appointment with MD Anderson Cancer
Center for the following week. After my appointment with a doctor there who stated that while
my case is aggressive, four cocktails do not prove scientifically and beyond a shadow of a doubt to
be any better than just three. With this information in hand, I decided to stay with Dr. Kunta and go with just the three cocktails and lose the last cocktail as it would be hard on my heart in years to come. If there was no research in place stating that four was any better than three and if it were not for the fact that the results were the same no matter which way you went, then by all means I am going to not put any undue medical issue on my heart than is already going to be there. My scans were all set with a CT scan and a PET scan scheduled for August 31st, a MUGA scan for September 4th, and a BONE scan for September 1st.

As Rob & I walked into the office building for my first round of scans to come in a long
line of scans I looked around and noticed that we were all there for the same reason, Cancer. The
wait was not long, but intense at the same time. A nurse came out and called my name and off I
went. We walked outside to a trailer like building as this was where they did their CT scans. This
was a trailer that could be moved from office to office in order to assist everyone in need. The
nurse and I took the little outside elevator up to the doorway and in I went. As I walked in I
noticed this big machine to the left where I would later lay down and be scanned, a computer table
directly in front of me for the nurse to monitor me and then to my right was a chair where I sat
down and she prepared a little cocktail for me to drink, which looked like and tasted like flat
Sprite, but of course it wasn’t. It was a medical drink, which lights up your insides so as to see
what’s going on in there. After the CT scan I was escorted back into the office building where I
would be getting a PET scan. I was then taken back to a room where, when I walked in I noticed
this bigger machine that I would later be scanned by and was given another cocktail that tasted like
a smoothie, a coconut drink. But of course this too was a medical drink wherein it highlighted your
inner being so as to see it more clearly. All in all the scans were not so bad. The drinks you have
to take to do a CT scan and a PET scan were as well as could be expected.  I suppose they could have been worse. With all of that said and done, my results came back clean. It did not look as though the cancer had spread anywhere else.

On August 31st Rob & I met with Dr. Graham, a radiologist who we eventually would not
need, but did not know that at the time. I was nervous, a bit scared and still waiting to wake up from this because I just felt fine. But I would never tell anyone else that. I just prayed a lot and put it all – in God’s hands. My meeting with Dr. Graham, the radiologist was a good one. He is a very nice  man who as well liked the way Dr. Boardman and Dr. Kunta were being so aggressive with this as this is a very aggressive type of cancer and a triple negative. We spoke for a while and when Rob and I left, we both felt good about the doctors who were handling our case. Before we walked out the door, however, Dr. Graham gave me a notebook that I had been looking at in his office, the
LIVESTRONG notebook. A big binder with tons of helpful information for Cancer patients,
resources, a place for all of your receipts, your records that you will be getting and inspirational
stories. A GREAT notebook indeed for all to have.