The planning phase of your endeavor is now over. Congratulations! You’ve done excellent work sorting out what you are trying to accomplish and what you need in order to be a success. Now it’s time to get busy! No more contemplating the perfect strategy. If there’s a detail that seems to be missing from your plans, it will reveal itself as you move forward. So fix your eyes on the horizon and get going!

Creative endeavors are especially favored right now. This can include the desire to have children or taking up a new project that you consider to be your “baby.” Whenever possible, try to add an artistic flair to each step along the way. Infuse your tasks, great and small, with joy and the knowledge that nothing can hold you back!

Our Empress stands in a chapel courtyard, symbolic of the Source of inspiration. The infant wearing a hat inside the snow-pea shell demonstrates to the Empress the importance of creating something new. This may be the birth of a child or the beginning of an exciting new endeavor!

Additional meanings of this card: Hard work that pays off. Inventiveness. Successful endeavors. A love of luxurious things. Getting a lot done. Nurtur- ing others or yourself. Mother figures. Pregnancy and birth.


Well played my lovely Angels!  You are all awesome and I am cheering you all on from here!  Many hugs to you all and always with LIFE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY, STRENGTH, BEING THE WARRIOR WITHIN, GUIDANCE, and LOVE!


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