The planning phase of your endeavor is now over. Congratulations! You’ve done excellent work sorting out what you are trying to accomplish and what you need in order to be a success. Now it’s time to get busy! No more contemplating the perfect strategy. If there’s a detail that seems to be missing from your plans, it will reveal itself as you move forward. So fix your eyes on the horizon and get going!

Creative endeavors are especially favored right now. This can include the desire to have children or taking up a new project that you consider to be your “baby.” Whenever possible, try to add an artistic flair to each step along the way. Infuse your tasks, great and small, with joy and the knowledge that nothing can hold you back!

Our Empress stands in a chapel courtyard, symbolic of the Source of inspiration. The infant wearing a hat inside the snow-pea shell demonstrates to the Empress the importance of creating something new. This may be the birth of a child or the beginning of an exciting new endeavor!

Additional meanings of this card: Hard work that pays off. Inventiveness. Successful endeavors. A love of luxurious things. Getting a lot done. Nurtur- ing others or yourself. Mother figures. Pregnancy and birth.


Well played my lovely Angels!  You are all awesome and I am cheering you all on from here!  Many hugs to you all and always with LIFE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY, STRENGTH, BEING THE WARRIOR WITHIN, GUIDANCE, and LOVE!


I understand sometimes we do not remember our dreams, but know that we slept pretty soundly.  Just know this,


Are There Angels

© Kathy J Parenteau

Are there angels here beside us as we journey life’s winding road,
Sent from heaven here to guide us along future paths unknown?

I saw an angel in my dream with an
iridescent smile,
raven hair, delicate wings and a
warm angelic style.
She bore a sweet resemblance to
someone I used to know,
but the era had lapsed, long since passed, for the winds of time do blow.
She told me of a heavenly land, a
paradise she claimed,
that awaits the souls of everyone who
worships God’s name.
She showed me living waters baring
life of endless flow,
unconditional love for our master above
a place where streets are paved in gold.
And when my dream came to an end she
kissed me tenderly,
whispered we’ll soon meet again when
God feels it’s meant to be.
In the morning I awakened to the
dawning of the day,
with my spirit a glow for I’d been
kissed by a rose,
in this dream I’ll cherish till my
dying day.

Yes angels walk beside us however
unbelievable it seems,
sent from heaven here to guide us
even in our dreams.

Always with Light, Love, Strength, Enlightenment, Guidance and OUR Warrior Within!  Have a great Monday my Angels and may your day be light and heavenly.  Cheers!


Don’t you just love the knowing that your Angels are always with you.  Just look up, call for them, ask them to guide you, show you, and be with you.  I always do because I just know – I know they are there, with me – all the time.  They give me strength, courage and comfort.  I have Faith, I Believe and I Love them for being there.  They are my rock!


As Always ~ With Light, Love, Guidance, Strength, and Positivity my dear Angels.


Our pets/babies take up a spot in our heart and soul that is undeniable.  Once you see them and let them into your life and heart that’s it, you’re finished.  In that moment, you have created a “bond” that will last forever.  I say this because I had to take my baby Caesar to the vet hospital today for overactive thyroid.  He is such a love that it broke my heart to leave him there.  But, I know in the long run this will help him and make him feel better.

I believe in my heart that pets are our angels and here to love on us unconditionally.  They are always there when you need them and always a lick or headbutt away from giving all the kisses you want and/or need.  They ask for nothing except to be loved in return.  If only they could tell us when they weren’t feeling well – it would be so much easier.

So, God Bless all the furry babies out there and keep them all safe.  I do pray they all find someone to love on them and treat them as they deserve to be treated, with unconditional love, and with lots of smiles which bring us and them happiness.

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