Three back to Back workouts today. A TacFit class and two Bootcamp classes. I do love to workout!!!



Happy weekend my Angels!!! Have fun, stay safe, and drink lots of water in the heat no matter where you are.

Always with Light & Love!! ❤❤❤

10 thoughts on “YES, I’M CRAZY!!!

      1. If you need any help let me know. I am going to be dealing with some bs at home. I am dealing with 2 attorneys acting like they are the law trying to evict me and they keep disrespecting me, threatening me and calling cops after they do something like tonight and had the cops tell the bf shut up you have no say and he argued that he and the cop had a difference in opinions and the cop asked what? You are an attorney and do not know this? Shut up. Plus prior he tried getting brave and I egged him on. I am going to have to hit the road. I need a good money day. Get a car and then I am going to do my sister a favor and take both him and I out of her life for good.


      2. Nah I am in the waiting game. The court got swapped out and it is 12 on bike as buses do not get there for 2.5 hours. The only advocay that has funds will pay security and rent if a landlord accepts it. I have another looking for affordable housing and I hope my writing would take off though it seems most writers are free books on amazon and .99 mean a 60/40 split with Amazon keeping it or selling at 2.99 or more or selling hard covers. It is one of five things I need help with, how are you?

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