SingsTTH     HA

So, I am sure you do not know, but I had been out of work since January.  This had given me time to go back home and assist with family situations that was much needed and workout (exercise) three times a day.  Yes, that’s right – I said three times a day.  I am a maniac I guess.  And, since I was having no luck with a job, I decided to learn two things that I had always wanted to learn… (1) I have always wanted to learn sign language (through the International Open Academy).  I am not sure exactly why, but it fascinates me and though I have passed my online courses, I still need to and intend to practice.  I am excited about getting better at it; and (2) I have always wanted to learn the piano.  so, I decided to teach myself via You Tube videos from Hoffman Academy.  He is an excellent teacher and explains things so well and even uses different stories and ideas in which to teach.  I do enjoy it!  Yes, he teaches children, but since I have never learned and am a newbie… I do not mind.  I take it nice and slow and take it all in.

I am now working, have graduated from my sign language course (with many continued practices ahead), and am still practicing the piano (which I love).  How about you?  What do you usually do when out of work and trying to stay busy?

Have a Blessed day my Angels!

Always with Light & Love!



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