My Dear Angels:

I pray this post finds you all well and having had a fabulous Holiday Season as well as an exciting and ready for the NEW YEAR.  IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT!  I can just feel it!

I am wishing you ALL the very best for 2018 and always!

Sent to you with HUGE hugs, lots of LOVE, and PRAYERS for continued Health and Happiness.

Cheers Angels!  xoxoxo


Our Angels are ALWAYS near us, ALWAYS around us, ALWAYS with us ~ ALWAYS!

Talk to your Angels, have a conversation either out loud or through meditation, and listen to your inner self, listen to your inner light – you’ll get the answer(s).

Have Faith, Inner Peace, Inner Light and Always this is sent with VERY MUCH Light and Love ANGELS!

Prayer 2


A Little Prayer(s) for MY ANGELS!!

Prayer 1.png


I understand sometimes we do not remember our dreams, but know that we slept pretty soundly.  Just know this,


Are There Angels

© Kathy J Parenteau

Are there angels here beside us as we journey life’s winding road,
Sent from heaven here to guide us along future paths unknown?

I saw an angel in my dream with an
iridescent smile,
raven hair, delicate wings and a
warm angelic style.
She bore a sweet resemblance to
someone I used to know,
but the era had lapsed, long since passed, for the winds of time do blow.
She told me of a heavenly land, a
paradise she claimed,
that awaits the souls of everyone who
worships God’s name.
She showed me living waters baring
life of endless flow,
unconditional love for our master above
a place where streets are paved in gold.
And when my dream came to an end she
kissed me tenderly,
whispered we’ll soon meet again when
God feels it’s meant to be.
In the morning I awakened to the
dawning of the day,
with my spirit a glow for I’d been
kissed by a rose,
in this dream I’ll cherish till my
dying day.

Yes angels walk beside us however
unbelievable it seems,
sent from heaven here to guide us
even in our dreams.

Always with Light, Love, Strength, Enlightenment, Guidance and OUR Warrior Within!  Have a great Monday my Angels and may your day be light and heavenly.  Cheers!


ALL ANIMALS big and small are precious and should be treated as such.  When we have a fluffy and furry pet to call ours and love with all our hearts, it is awful to let them go and rest in peace above.  But, one day we will meet up again and until then he or she can play in the heavens above and look upon us from time to time.  I know I have lost my share of babies and it is so painful and hurts too  much.  But, I would not miss out on the love that we shared and will continue to have my  fluffy and furry babies no matter what.

Know that when you have a fluffy and furry baby who passes, he or she is with the Angels now above.  He or she will always be with you and looking upon you from heaven above.  I believe that.  So, look up and smile and know your baby is in the arms of the Angels and we will be with them again, one day.

Always with LIFE, LIGHT, GUIDANCE, and LOVE!


It’s with a heavy heart that I edit this post after just putting it up yesterday.  My father’s baby girl, Sandy passed away this morning.  She had been sick for some time, but we thought she was doing better.  She passed early this morning sleeping next to him in bed.  She was the sweetest little girl you ever met. She is now in heaven with my baby girl, Cleopatra and her brother Tucker.  They are all no longer in pain and can run around in heaven and play.

Until we meet again sweet Sandy ~ you will be dearly missed.  Give Cleopatra and Tucker a kiss for me!