When you have to leave for work and look up only to find two (2) of your babies staring down at you with that look… “please don’t go mommy – don’t leave us at home.”


Broke my heart to leave because all I wanted to do was turn around and go back in to snuggle!

Happy Friday Angels!


A little insight I thought I’d share from a LIGHT of mine… my dear Nicholas Ashbaugh…
Here are your monthly readings, with an extended forecast for Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny.
Click on the links below to go directly to the video for your sign. You can also access this list on my website.

Additonally, here’s a list of all the Channeled Messages:

  • Aries: Rejoice and celebrate all the little victories. Don’t underestimate their size or ability to shape your future.
  • Taurus: Don’t be afraid to explore sides of yourself others haven’t seen. Expression is freedom.
  • Gemini: Do not rush. Take your time making decisions. Listen to your heart—let it do the heavy lifting, not your head
  • Cancer: The act of getting organized will result in a feeling of empowerment and may help reveal or remind you of something important.
  • Leo: Be proactive and take the reigns this month. Act before others; timing is your best tool and secret weapon.
  • Virgo: Don’t be afraid to say “no.” Set limits. Give yourself the time and space needed to charge. Create “alone time.”
  • Libra: Find a way to get back to what inspires you. Don’t let anyone silence or change your voice or message.
  • Scorpio: Take time to say how you feel this month for the people you love and care about. It could change their life or your own. Sagittarius: Don’t be afraid of second chances. The past doesn’t always repeat itself—not if you’ve learned lessons and moved past fear and ego.
  • Capricorn: Don’t allow others’ limits to dictate yours. Aim high and reach for goals and dreams that feed your heart and soul.
  • Aquarius: Live in the moment. Don’t focus on what was, what isn’t or what may be—today is the most important day.
  • Pisces: Never stop believing in your own potential. Remember, thoughts are seeds, so sew them wisely. Weed out the shadows and feed the light.

Wishing you much love, light and abundance,


Always with Light and Love Angels!



Happy Good Friday Angels and a very Happy Easter Weekend to all my Angels!!

Always with Light, Love, and Angelic Guidance.

Cheers Angels!


5 True Stories of Heavenly Visitors ~

Do you believe in angels?                                Via Beliefnet.com

Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/inspiration/angels/galleries/5-true-stories-of-heavenly-visitors.aspx?p=3#pT7x0ZQ6LZroG35o.99



Angelic Encounter During Car Accident

Pastor John Boston was driving down the road when another car crossed the center line and came barreling toward him. The pastor swerved to miss the vehicle and struck a utility pole, sending a live transformer crashing onto his car. Immediately the metal and glass began to buckle on the intense heat from thousands of volts of electricity. His 4-year-old daughter, who was with him, was trapped inside the burning car. The seat belt was stuck and the door wouldn’t open. That’s when a scruffy looking stranger came out of nowhere and easily opened the smashed door. The man removed him from the car and walked him 20 feet away from the vehicle to safety before the car exploded in flames.

“He said my name is Johnny, the police are almost here and I can’t be here when they get here but you’re gonna be okay,” said Pastor Boston. “And then the man was gone.”

He said that people who tried to rationalize the situation thought the circuit breaker simply tripped and Johnny fled because of a sketchy past. However, firefighters say there are some aspects of what happened that defy logic, reason and science. Pastor Boston is convinced he encountered an angel that day.


Girl Meets Angel After Falling 30 Feet

Annabel Beam was only nine years old when she miraculously survived a 30-foot fall. While she was playing with her sisters outside their Texas home, she plummeted inside a hollowed out cottonwood tree. An emergency helicopter rushed her to a hospital in Forth Word, where brain and spinal injury teams prepped for Annabel’s arrival but astonishingly, Annabel was unscathed.

After the accident, Annabel began describing religious visions she had while she was unconscious. She says that she met a guardian angel during the incident.

“I started to wake up in the tree and I could hear the fireman’s voices. And I saw an angel that looked very small, like a fairy.”

The angel then winked and he told her, “I’m going to leave you now and everything is going to be okay.”

The angel stayed with her the entire time, shining a light so she could see until she was rescued.


In the Hands of an Angel

He was just seven years old when his 5-year-old cousin, Chetty was sick with cancer and later passed away. At the time, his family didn’t want to talk about the death. They told him to keep quiet, despite the situation devastating him. Whenever his family went to Chetty’s home for visits, he’d always ask to play on the swing with him.

After Chetty died, he went to his house for a visit. In his loneliness, he decided to go outside and sit on the swing they had always played on. As he sat there thinking about how things used to be, Chetty walked up to him and an angel was holding his hand. The angel had beautiful blonde hair and was dressed in a long white gown, never saying a word, just smiling. Chetty looked at him and said, “I’m not in pain no more.” He and the angel turned and walked until they simply faded away.


Angel in Choir

Margaret Jones from Lancashire, U.K., claims she has had a very specific experiences with angels – one of which purportedly unfolded at her church 20 years ago while she was singing in a choir. She felt the pressure of what seemed like a human hand touching her own hand. As she was standing on the edge of the choir, she assumed that the lady, Deborah, who had been playing the organ, had come over to join them; so she thought nothing of it. The hand then left hers and a few moments later she opened her eyes and was surprised to see that Deborah was still sitting at the organ, and wasn’t beside her. It was after the service that a fellow congregant told Jones that an angel was next to her and touched her hand.


Angels at Crash Site

Lillie Leonardi’s story may seem unbelievable to some, but the former FBI officer, who retired after suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder linked to her role in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks is adamant about what she witnessed. Leonardi said she saw legions of angels guarding the Pennsylvania site where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed. When she arrived at the site just three hours after the crash, she was struck by numerous elements. She was so startled, she kept it to herself out of fear that her co-workers would think she lost her mind.

“I started seeing shimmery lights…and it was kind of misty and that’s when I first saw angels there,” Leonardi said. “And I didn’t say anything to the guys because you can imagine if I would have said, ‘I just saw angels on the crash site,’ they’d have called the office and they’d have said, ‘She lost her mind and tell her to go home.’”

They were dressed as if they were in warrior garb like a Roman centurion, she said. There were so many of them, you couldn’t see their faces. She continued to see flickers of light, each angel guarding the crash site. Her hope in sharing her story is that people would know that God was present on 9/11.


My Angels, I share all this with you on behalf of Belief.net to remind you to be aware, be open, be present, be patient, keep the Faith, and always always know that your Angels are always with you and guiding you.  There is great transformation for us all if we only just believe and welcome any and all inspirational signs.

  • You Dream About An Angel Visitation. …
  • You See Strange Colored Orbs. …
  • You Notice A Sudden Sweet Smell. …
  • You Find A White Feather. …
  • Your Baby Sees Something You Can’t. …
  • You See Angels In The Clouds. …
  • You Spot Angel Numbers In Common Places. …
  • You Experience A Sudden Change In Temperature…
  • And many, many, more…

Angels are messengers from God. They protect us, guide us, or carry out other heavenly tasks. Therefore, angel dreams symbolize a greater force that is watching over us, directing us, sheltering us, or trying to show us something important, which is hidden.

Always with LIGHT & LOVE ANGELS!!



Angel Card Reading for Wednesday: Ideas And Inspiration

Pay attention to new thoughts and ideas that come to you. They are seeds of magnificent co-creations with God.

God speaks to you through your thoughts, and this card shows that the angels want you to notice and follow the ideas you have recently received. These thoughts are answers to your prayers for guidance, so please don’t discount them as mere imagination.

By drawing this card, the angels seek to give you confidence that you are just as capable of receiving wonderful ideas as any other child of God. That is because all wonderful ideas originate from the one Divine mind of God.

Since God is omnipresent, meaning everywhere, God is within you. So, God’s mind continuously expresses new thoughts and ideas right inside your mind!


Thinking of you ALL wishing you ALL a great 4th weekend. We are a strong Country and one that Will Strive, Will Survive, and one that is the “Eye of the Tiger!”  Or, Eye of the Eagle!!


Sending you ALL Light, Love, & PEACE!




Trust my Angel’s, Trust. I know at times it can be hard, but have Faith & Trust.

Always with Light & Love!!




Always with Light & Love my Angels, Always!





Have a beautiful Sunday my Angels!  Always with Light & Love!!




This is from last year, but I thought I’d share. I hope you all have a great and safe Halloween weekend. And, don’t forget about the time change tomorrow.


Am I a Fallen Angel or a Good Angel… I couldn’t decide that night either. 😊

Always with light and love my Angels.  Continue reading