Breast Cancer Awareness (Women & Men)

Women & Men (you heard me – men get BC too)… Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Exam… learn the right way

Who Should Have a Mammogram?
The American College of Radiology and Society of Breast Imaging recommend:

Women 40 and older should have mammograms every year. Women who are younger than 40 and have risk factors for breast cancer should ask their health care provider whether mammograms are advisable and how often to have them Mammograms Before Age 35 Mammograms before age 35 require a physician’s order. If you are concerned and would like a mammogram, talk with your primary care physician.

If You Notice a Breast Lump or Change. If you find a lump or something that worries you, schedule an appointment with your doctor, but don’t panic — eight out of ten lumps are not cancer. Your physician can write an order to schedule your diagnostic mammogram.

Female patient with radiology tech mammogram Schedule a Mammogram. Women 40 and older should have mammograms every year. Schedule yours now.

Always with Light & Love Angels!

THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF CANCER ~ Part I ~ Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like…

THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF CANCER ~ Part I ~ Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like…

In order for us to have a friendship and communicate well, we should get to know each other a little better.  So, I thought I would share my story so others can understand what it’s like to live with and live through Cancer.

I have had mammograms since I was thirty-­five because of a cyst I had found through a
self-examination, which turned out to be only that. When I was thirty­-eight, I had another
Mammogram as I usually do every October which turned out to be clean. Seven months later and
once I had moved to Minneola, FL, I wanted to find another doctor closer than where I was
going in order to be more efficient and close. I located an ad for a Dr. Mary Beth Lewis-
Boardman located here in the Clermont, FL area and proceeded to make her my official new OBGYN.  In July of 2009 as I waited in the cold exam room with nothing on but a gown so as to have my examination, I sat and wondered about the usual day-to-day routines in life. As my examination completed, Dr. Lewis suggested I get a mammogram even though October was right around the corner and was my usual date for such. I sat and wondered and asked why she thought I needed to get the mammogram done now instead of in October. I had even asked if she felt something during the examination. She stated that she did not feel anything but thought that it might be a good idea to go ahead and just get it over with. I could not agree more so I decided to go ahead and let her staff make me an appointment. On week later I was sitting in the waiting area to go back for my mammogram still only thinking of the daily routines in life and that I really need to get back to work. A job I had just started. As I was being called back for my examination, Helen, who had sympathy for the women coming for mammograms was professional yet nice. The machine that is used to squeeze, pull and smash your breast, however, was not so nice or warm I might add.  As my examination ended, Helen stated my test results would be sent out for review and then the results to the doctor.

As we all know, mammograms are compared to the previous so as to make sure
everything is still normal. My mammogram taken that day in July of 2009 was compared to my
prior mammogram taken in October of 2008 and showed abnormalities and I was advised by Dr. Lewis that a biopsy would be needed and she knew just the doctor. In August I went to see Dr. Jason Boardman of Clermont, FL who was very nice and completed the biopsy in a timely manner. Again I was not thinking of a thing other than I am sure this is just cyst as before. I never gave it a second thought that it could be Cancer. I continued through life with my daily routines and my new job just as always when on August 25 and while at work Dr. Boardman called. It was 3:30 p.m. and
slow that day at work at the Law Office of Eric S. Mashburn. I was at my desk working away
on opening new client files and procedures when out of the blue my cell phone rang. I got up from
my desk with my cell phone in my hand and went into the kitchen to talk. It was Dr. Boardman on
the other end who stated he personally wanted to call me and call me at work instead of having me
wait for an official office visit for the news of the biopsy. He went on further to state that my
results had just came back and that the biopsy was proven to be cancerous. He then stated that
there was no easy way to tell anyone this, but I had cancer. I realized I had walked out of the
kitchen and into the hallway of the office (which is a very small office) and was staring down the
hallway into the office of Mr. Mashburn when I remember saying to Dr. Boardman that I
appreciated the fact that he called me and he called me at work to tell me. I would have hated to
have to wait for an office visit to find out. He stated that my case is “Invasive Ductal
Carcinoma and triple negative at that” and that I needed to make an appointment to come in to see
him to discuss this further and as soon as possible. I then, while still in a daze, proceeded to make an appointment for an office visit.

After I hung up the phone and while still in disbelief and shock I called Rob at work to
give him the news. I knew I should not tell him such things at work and it might be better in
person, but he would be upset if I did not call him to tell him right away and I did not think I could
wait until I got home to tell him. When I called Rob at work and told him the news from Dr.
Boardman he was in shock but went right into action. He said that we will fight this and that
treatment is not the same as they had 20 years ago. He was already going into his fighting/action
mode without hesitation. He is a fact getter, researcher, learns and retains a lot especially when it
comes to medical issues and nutrition. He was and is my strength.

To Be Continued…

Until tomorrow my Angels!  Always with Light, Love, Strength, Guidance & Our Warrior Within!